Friday, February 27, 2009

They Have to Have a Villain!

"Bush lied, people died" and "Bush is a Fascist" are the familiar catch phrases of the past for left wing-nuts and the like. We were attacked by terrorist, it's Bush's fault...we had an accounting scandal, it's Bush's fault....we got in a war for oil, it's Bush's fault....and so on and so on. Well, now we have President Obama, the holy and omnipotent one that can do no wrong. But wait, everything seems to suck even more than when Bush was in office, how can this be........Rush Limbaugh...the Devil him self, it's his fault.

Rush as been demonised for saying " I want Obama to fail!" Well...So Do I!!! I don't want any harm to come to him in any way, that would be devastating to the country, to race relations we have come so far in and to his beautiful family. But, do I wish that everything he's been doing and everything he wants to do fails, you bet!

I hope people that voted for him are seeing now, unfortunately way to late, how far left he really is. Pundits and spinners kept saying, on the left and on the center-right, that he is a pragmatist, just center left and he'll do things to keep his popularity up and keep power in the hands of the Demos. Well, what do you think now folks, after 5 weeks of Demo donkey dung getting dropped on your heads, what do you think now?

As Charles Krauthamer states in this opinion piece, The Obamaist Manifesto, Pres. Obama sees himself much like that of Reagan, some one to come along and change the direction of not just where the country is heading, we needed someone to lead, but, as Charles states: "Reagan came to office to do something: shrink government, lower taxes, rebuild American defenses. Obama made clear Tuesday night that he intends to be equally transformative. His three goals: universal health care, universal education, and a new green energy economy highly funded and regulated by government. " The direction he wants to take this country couldn't be more clear...the way of European Socialism.

And we are not only moving in that direction, we are getting shot out at socialism like an Incredible Hulk roller coaster ride, snapping our heads back in our seat and giving us tunnel vision so we can't see the freedoms we're loosing fall by the wayside, like the proverbial hat blown off as we take that first plunge.....(sounding like Dennis Miller more everyday). We keep getting bombarded with numbers that numb us to the size of what all this means. And Obama knows this and uses our blindness to keep going down this track.

But what happens at the end of any roller coaster, after the twists and turns, the ups and downs and the sensory overload, what happens? You feel a sudden jolt and your body jerks forward snapping you back in to reality. And when that happens, what will that reality look like if Obama gets his way..... Yep, you'll realize that we will be living in a country where the government says what medical procedure you can or can't have. Your neighbor's job was eliminated because the "cap and trade" carbon tax made it to expensive for the public utilities company he works for to keep its coal fired power plant open. You go to fill up your tank with gas but you haven't paid your mileage tax yet, so you push your car home and miss work, again. Then at home you go to turn on the TV and realise that there is a brown-out due to the fact that the coal fire plant is shut down.

Wow!, sounds like fun doesn't it! Sure was worth paying for that "Change" ticket, wasn't it? Boy, the rush you felt when he pushed that launch button, wow, look at all the change happening, Wahooo.....but all rides end. How do you want this one to end?

Do I want Obama to fail, Not yes, but HELL YES!

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