Friday, February 27, 2009

They Have to Have a Villain!

"Bush lied, people died" and "Bush is a Fascist" are the familiar catch phrases of the past for left wing-nuts and the like. We were attacked by terrorist, it's Bush's fault...we had an accounting scandal, it's Bush's fault....we got in a war for oil, it's Bush's fault....and so on and so on. Well, now we have President Obama, the holy and omnipotent one that can do no wrong. But wait, everything seems to suck even more than when Bush was in office, how can this be........Rush Limbaugh...the Devil him self, it's his fault.

Rush as been demonised for saying " I want Obama to fail!" Well...So Do I!!! I don't want any harm to come to him in any way, that would be devastating to the country, to race relations we have come so far in and to his beautiful family. But, do I wish that everything he's been doing and everything he wants to do fails, you bet!

I hope people that voted for him are seeing now, unfortunately way to late, how far left he really is. Pundits and spinners kept saying, on the left and on the center-right, that he is a pragmatist, just center left and he'll do things to keep his popularity up and keep power in the hands of the Demos. Well, what do you think now folks, after 5 weeks of Demo donkey dung getting dropped on your heads, what do you think now?

As Charles Krauthamer states in this opinion piece, The Obamaist Manifesto, Pres. Obama sees himself much like that of Reagan, some one to come along and change the direction of not just where the country is heading, we needed someone to lead, but, as Charles states: "Reagan came to office to do something: shrink government, lower taxes, rebuild American defenses. Obama made clear Tuesday night that he intends to be equally transformative. His three goals: universal health care, universal education, and a new green energy economy highly funded and regulated by government. " The direction he wants to take this country couldn't be more clear...the way of European Socialism.

And we are not only moving in that direction, we are getting shot out at socialism like an Incredible Hulk roller coaster ride, snapping our heads back in our seat and giving us tunnel vision so we can't see the freedoms we're loosing fall by the wayside, like the proverbial hat blown off as we take that first plunge.....(sounding like Dennis Miller more everyday). We keep getting bombarded with numbers that numb us to the size of what all this means. And Obama knows this and uses our blindness to keep going down this track.

But what happens at the end of any roller coaster, after the twists and turns, the ups and downs and the sensory overload, what happens? You feel a sudden jolt and your body jerks forward snapping you back in to reality. And when that happens, what will that reality look like if Obama gets his way..... Yep, you'll realize that we will be living in a country where the government says what medical procedure you can or can't have. Your neighbor's job was eliminated because the "cap and trade" carbon tax made it to expensive for the public utilities company he works for to keep its coal fired power plant open. You go to fill up your tank with gas but you haven't paid your mileage tax yet, so you push your car home and miss work, again. Then at home you go to turn on the TV and realise that there is a brown-out due to the fact that the coal fire plant is shut down.

Wow!, sounds like fun doesn't it! Sure was worth paying for that "Change" ticket, wasn't it? Boy, the rush you felt when he pushed that launch button, wow, look at all the change happening, Wahooo.....but all rides end. How do you want this one to end?

Do I want Obama to fail, Not yes, but HELL YES!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

$800,000 Mortgage to a School Bus Driver?

In this CNN clip, a school bus driver is living in a beautiful home she bought using a mortgage product that allowed her to not have to show income, ( the clip doesn't mention the husbands employment), and it sounds as though they got 100% financing. Now, surprise -surprise, they are getting pre-foreclosure notices. They say the bank made it so easy to get the loan, trying to lay blame on the bank and not on her ignorance and stupidity. Now they could have been sold a bill of goods by a mortgage broker that put them in a "Option ARM", a product made for well off, very money savvy folks that works best when someone is able to make lump sum payments when say they get bonuses or large commission type income. But to put someone in a mortgage product that has the possibility for negative amortization and a low minimum payment that doesn't even pay all the monthly interest with each payment, that is low and has hurt the mortgage industry severely. But this person, the school bus driver, had every opportunity to say "No Thanks", from the beginning of the contract process all the way to the end at the closing table. They signed the note and the mortgage, so guess what, they are responsible for what they owe, NOT US!

What could have been going through this person's head when they signed this note? And now, they have the audacity to say that Pres. Obama needs to stop the foreclosures, I say take the home now, while it still has that nice kitchen and cabinets and appliances. This video clip did not say that anyone lost their jobs or they had some big medical bills or anything of that nature, something that might allow a mortgage company to make an exception and modify the mortgage, it just shows her saying that they bought too much house.....GET OUT! Allow the mortgage company to take it back and sell it if they can to recover something, this borrower will never be able to pay it back. And I'll be damned if they take any of my tax money and stop the foreclosure from taking place. She and her family just need to vacate and find an apartment or house to rent for a while, there's plenty of home to rent now as well.

The mentality of this report just underscores the nonsense that is happening with the government intrusion in the banking and housing industries. As long as the Obama administration keeps sticking its head into the free market, it will not be able to recover because the banks and companies will just be wondering......what's next? Uncertainty in the market place concerning taxes or governmental policies were the biggest factor in the slow recovery of the "Great Depression" and it looks as though we are seeing the same mind set with this administration today. Let businesses fail, let individuals fail and let the market do it's thing and we'll see hard choices being made and dead wood cut so that the economy will become lean and healthy again. Obesity is not just a general population problem today, it's a economic and governmental problem as well, we all need to trim our waistlines a few inches.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hate Speech or Bad Satire?

Now when I look at this, I don't think it's that funny. I immediately think about the latest chimp attack, a god awful incident where a woman was mauled beyond recognition, literally being eaten by this chimp, and then was stabbed by its owner and after attacking the police, was shot to death. Ha ha?
Now we have this cartoon, political satire, to me saying that all it took was a monkey (okay a chimp is not a monkey, I know) to write the stimulus bill. Who do I think of right away, Nancy and Hairy, two of the biggest lightweight intellects in the government. I did not, as Al Sharpton would think, me being a white boy and all, think of Pres. Obama.

After all, he is half white isn't he, so if that's what I thought, I'd have to think that I'm pretty much a chimp myself, and ask anyone who knows me, I'm much better looking than a chimp! What hog-wash to label this as hate speech or anything close to it, it's political satire, and not very good satire at that. In fact, just like all people that go on about nonsense like this, if Al didn't make a stink out of it, no one would have paid any attention to it and it would have gone on to line bird cages just like all the news paper should. If you thought of Pres. Obama first, I'd like to know. Write me.

I'd rather be called a chimp by someone that has no power over me than a "coward" by the USAG, someone that is the law enforcement zarr of the US. That offends and scares me so much more than this sorry piece of cartoon satire. Call me cheetah and pass the bananas!

Sen. Nelson, Where do I Start!

A response from Senator Bill Nelson to my phone call and email urging him to vote no. ( I know, a waste of time, but it's my duty.)

Dear (Capm):

Thank you for contacting me about the economic stimulus package. I appreciate hearing your views.The American people are hurting. They are losing their homes, their jobs, their businesses and their life savings. Economists across the political spectrum agree that the government needs to take bold and immediate action to stimulate the economy and curb the risk of a protracted economic recession. I believe that the government has to do something to get us out of this economic tailspin – and doing nothing isn’t an option.

I voted for the economic stimulus package because I believe it is narrowly targeted to spend and invest in ways that will get the economy moving again. It invests in our infrastructure, creating badly needed jobs, and provides critical tax relief to businesses and middle-class Americans. It also shores up unemployment benefits and food stamps, provides aid to seniors and disabled veterans, and invests in our children through 21st Century education. The bill improves access to health care, and promotes energy independence.

I've read the entire stimulus bill and I believe it will preserve and create millions of good-paying jobs, help States like Florida manage budget shortfalls, and advance our infrastructure to meet modern demands. Congress passed the bill on February 13, and President Obama has now signed it into law.

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of misinformation and inaccurate reporting on this legislation. The stimulus bill does nothing to "socialize" medicine. In fact, it does three things that really help people. First, it lowers the cost of insurance for people who lose their jobs. Second, it gives more money to States to cover medical care for low-income Americans and the uninsured through the Medicaid program. And third, it provides federal funding for the development and use of electronic health records to help doctors and hospitals be more efficient.

Based on what I hear from folks across Florida, it’s clear that we need to fix the problems caused by this economic crisis. But we must take care with taxpayer money. Last year I voted against spending $700 billion to bail out Wall Street because the bill lacked meaningful relief for homeowners facing foreclosure and didn't include adequate protections for American taxpayers. I remain committed to reducing wasteful spending and improving transparency in Federal funding. And once we have returned to prosperity, I remain equally committed to tackling our burgeoning Federal deficit.

I appreciate your comments as they help me serve you better in the Senate, and I look forward to hearing from you should you have any future concerns.

My response to his response;

Dear Senator Nelson;

You said that economists across the spectrum agreed that something had to be done, and doing nothing wasn't an option. Well, the economists in the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) stated that this will hurt the economy in the long run, more than if we did nothing. Don't those economists, the ones that work for you sir, count in the "economists across the spectrum" in your book? Doing nothing was an option!

You said that you voted for this because it "narrowly targeted" things that would get the economy moving again. You mentioned infrastructure as one of the narrow targets. Some people would say that if we can create stimulus through building infrastructure then why not spend it all there, everyone says it creates jobs that are badly needed. And it can, but the vast majority of those jobs will be created after the 2 to 5 years of environmental studies are done, and road way and bed ways have been bought, so if your definition of stimulus is creating jobs over 5 years down road, then your spot on, but that's not my definition. Stimulating the economy in a meaningful, quick way is only done through one instrument....personal tax reductions, immediate reductions. Putting more money in tax payer's pockets and letting them spend it on what they need, we don't "need" a bullet train from LA to Vegas! Suspending the payroll taxes for 4 to 6 months would have increased spending power and given real incentive for the workers to produce more by keeping what they earn. Cutting the corporate taxes, TO ZERO, would help as well. Corporations sir, you know this, only pass on their tax costs to us, the consumer. It's basically a value-added-tax, that we pay for. Doing this would spur on capital improvements in companies, bring back overseas capital and encourage business to expand and hire all those folks out of work.

Okay, you read the stimulus bill.....when? Unless you can speed read like a greyhound no one read this before it was passed. You may have know most of what was in it, not like your GOP counter parts that were shut out of the process. But no one got to read the whole thing before it was passed.

The mis-information you refer to, the "socialization of health care" is occurring with or with out this bill. But putting health care in this bill was shameful. H/C is a totally different subject, one that should have never been a part of this or any "stimulus" bill. Because it effects people at such a personal level, it dissevered discussion and debate on its own merits. Shoving it down our throats in this time of panic, that is scandalous.

Thank you for voting "No" on the TARP bill, I couldn't agree more that it was a waste of money, but this stumulus bill was pushed ahead with the same urgency and fervor. I'm sure you heard this from your mom or grandmother, "hast makes waste", well no words could say more about the way this bill was passed. You said you are committed to reduce wasteful spending and improving transparency in Federal funding. If that is so, then you did one of two things here sir, you either just lied to me now, or you lied to yourself as you raised your hand to vote for this bill. You can not be committed to what you said and justify what you did. I know that I could not have and no one I know could have or would have.

Sunshine is the best disinfectant.......promised by Pres. Obama during the campaign. I see no light, only the dark, back rooms of Washington as usual. Change......What Change?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it Putin or Goldwater?

"We must not revert to isolationism and unrestrained economic egotism... Excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state's omnipotence is another possible mistake. True, the state's increased role in times of crisis is a natural reaction to market setbacks. Instead of streamlining market mechanisms, some are tempted to expand state economic intervention to the greatest possible extent... In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state's role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated."

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin Opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, SwitzerlandJanuary 28, 2009

Now the leader of Russia, a former KGB Zarr, sounds more like Michael Steel than a former player in the "Evil Empire". It's sad to say, but he's making more sense, touting the capitalist system than even some high GOP leaders sound. I take him with a gran of salt, but what he says makes better sense that the bill signed yesterday by Pres. Obama. We've never spent our way out of anything, and we never, ever will.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just to be Fair: GOP Congressmen say Thanks after saying NO?

In this article, "GOP lawmakers tout projects in the stimulus bill they opposed", Rep. John Mica, FL, is quoted as saying, "I applaud President Obama's recognition that high-speed rail should be part of America's future," the Florida Republican beamed in a press release." Congressmen, don't be a fool, or make us look like ones. Don't go slamming this "stimulus" bill in Washington, then come home and gush about how it will help. It either sucks or it doesn't sir, which on is it. This is the problem with the GOP, and why I won't join it until I see crap like this stop. Have some principals man, stand up and stay standing.

Like I said before, building bridges or trains won't stimulate now, but 2 to 5 years or more from now. But if I, or you got a tax cut, something real, not like the disappearing ones in this bill, something like a pause in payroll taxes for 4 or 5 months, this would stimulate spending and maybe even production. Just think, if you didn't have to pay taxes on what you earned for 6 months, wouldn't you try as hard as you could to make as much as possible during that time frame, I know I would. But wait, that's just capitalism, we don't want to try that again, that's just not the way of the future anymore. Remember, Change has Come!

MSNBC: They Really Are That Stupid!

Rep. Schock goes one MSNBC, Obama minions if there ever were, and lays out his objections to the "Recovery Act" of the President. Listening to the reporter talk about what he thinks is stimulative, you can see why the Obama sheeple are so mis-informed. They seriously think that a bullet train form Vegas to L.A. will be stimulative, when just the environmental studies and planning will take years. Not one shovel of earth will be moved or one track laid, for at least 2 to 5 years, yet this MSNBC dolt argues with Rep. Schock that the construction spending will stimulate jobs and economy. Spending that is 2 to 5 years down the road does nothing for us now, when a "Stimulus Bill" is supposed to stimulate. Rep. Schock sets him straight, before the blind "obamaton" cuts him off. This is why we're getting this run down our throats, the media isn't just on his side, they believe this horse squeeze the President is shoveling.

On another note, let's keep our eye on this Congressman, according to this Youtuber, he's Hot! Well, all I know is if he was in my college frat, we would have sent him out with the other "face guys" to invite the Tri Delts over for a social. Let's hope he hangs in there for the long hall.

What Kills the Skunk.

I like this guy, way to call a skunk a skunk Congressman Schock, I wish the Dems would have heard you. God Helps Us All!

7 Broken Promises in Record Time

Good work, Dems! It only took 3 weeks and the largest transfer of private wealth to government officials in the nation's history for Barack Obama to break at least 7 of his campaign promises.Sweetness and Light explains:

1. Make government open and transparent.

2. Make it "impossible" for Congressmen to slip in pork barrel projects.

3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. (Even Congressional Republicans shut out.)

4. No more secrecy.

5. Public will have 5 days to look at a bill.

6. You’ll know what’s in it.

7. We will put every pork barrel project online.
What else will be forgotten by Pres. Obama, of all the promises he made during the campaign, and will the press or the sheeple that voted for him give a rip?!

Thank you Gateway Pundint for this.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sent. Gregg: Thanks but No Thanks

This from the Drudge Report:

OBAMA BURNED: GREGG WITHDRAWS AFTER POLICIES TOO MUCH TO STOMACH Thu Feb 12 2009 16:18:14 ET For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 12, 2009 Senator Gregg Statement on His Withdrawal for Consideration of U.S. Commerce Secretary Sen. Gregg stated, “I want to thank the President for nominating me to serve in his Cabinet as Secretary of Commerce. This was a great honor, and I had felt that I could bring some views and ideas that would assist him in governing during this difficult time. I especially admire his willingness to reach across the aisle. “However, it has become apparent during this process that this will not work for me as I have found that on issues such as the stimulus package and the Census there are irresolvable conflicts for me. Prior to accepting this post, we had discussed these and other potential differences, but unfortunately we did not adequately focus on these concerns. We are functioning from a different set of views on many critical items of policy. “Obviously the President requires a team that is fully supportive of all his initiatives. “I greatly admire President Obama and know our country will benefit from his leadership, but at this time I must withdraw my name from consideration for this position. “As we move forward, I expect there will be many issues and initiatives where I can and will work to assure the success of the President’s proposals. This will certainly be a goal of mine. “Kathy and I also want to specifically thank Governor Lynch and Bonnie Newman for their friendship and assistance during this period. In addition we wish to thank all the people, especially in New Hampshire, who have been so kind and generous in their supportive comments. “As a further matter of clarification, nothing about the vetting process played any role in this decision. I will continue to represent the people of New Hampshire in the United States Senate.”
With such a contrast to project against, the GOP seem to be getting some spine again, standing up in the house, and now Sent. Gregg stiff-arming Pres. Obama after he eviscerated the office the Senator was nominated for by taking the census from the commerce dept. and handing it over to an unelected, un-vetted, underhanded and unscrupulous varmint, Mr. Emanuel, the President's right hand. Thanks Sent. Gregg, I hope you inspire more of the same, and keep the GOP standing tall in this hurricane of a socialist wind.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ronny on Obama, Socialist/Liberal No Difference

In this speech, delivered in 1966 by Gov. Reagan of Calf., Reagan gives the best and easiest to understand argument against the modern day Liberal agenda. Listen has he describes the way liberalism, Socialism will be, and now is being slowly dripped in to our society. Then read my response to an opinion piece and to the responders to that piece. There's only one way to achieve the changes we need to expunge the power that has accumulated in Washington over the past 70 years, Revolution! Viva de Reagan Revolution!

"Now look over here, at this hand, the one I want you to watch, so you don't see my other hand in your back pocket" should be in a dialog bubble over "O's" head as he goes on about the bonus pay on Wall St. Please, everyone here harping on this issue; take your eyes off of this "slight-of-hand" distraction and see what this man and his congressional friends are doing with their other hand. While they go on about this populist issue, and hit us over the head with these dollar figures of $900Billion, and Trillions, so we get desensitized to them, they reach around with their magician's dexterity and slip in this bill and that bill, taking us down a road to socialized medicine and worse. This outrage is so misplaced that "O" must be thinking that he may just be able to walk on water, just like all of the knuckle-heads that voted for him must have thought. SHIP and increases in Medicare/Medicaid are the easiest way for the socialist snake to enter our homes and coil around us in what many will think is a warm, secure embrace, but then they will not notice the incremental tightening and squeezing that will take more and more of their life, their freedom, little by little.

The only way to have Wall Street clean up its act is to let it fail. The first step down this road I’m talking about was the TARP funds, and the misuse of those funds. We were told that “We had to pass it or we would fall off a cliff!” Well not even half of the money has been used, we haven’t fallen off that cliff, and Wall Street is nibbling at the teat for more. Haven’t we learned by now that when the Government sticks its ugly head in, nothing good ever happens. If we want to fix the bonus problem, let the SOBs fail, and get kicked to the street. It’s hard to get a bonus when you’re pounding pavement. Many times, the only way an addict realizes he is one is when he hits rock bottom. These Wall Street folks will learn if we get out of the way, let them fail and let the market buy up those assets, and there will be buyers, and create more efficient companies that respond to their stockholders. Wanting to tax high incomes at 80% or 90% won’t fix a damn thing, it will just keep these folks buying Congressmen and the loop-holes in the 18,000 page tax code that they need to keep the status quo. This administration is the best thing ever to happen to K Street, when they want to spend like there’s no tomorrow, which there won’t be for our kids of we let them.

The only fix is a revolution, one that kicks the IRS to the curb and one where we have a constitutional amendment that brings in the only way to limit the power of government and lobbyists, and that is the Fair Tax. Tax relief, not spending will dig us out of this hole we’re in and free us from the heavy hand of the Federal Government. Google it, look into it and learn about it and you will find that nothing out there would have as big an impact to changing the balance of power and bringing businesses back to the US than passing this in to law. What will it take, an act of congress. Not this congress, but one that comes after, after the public has had enough of their rights and lives being stepped on by this liberal, socialist government that thinks it is the answer, when, as a great president once stated, “it is the problem!”

Monday, February 2, 2009

Decades of US Blood FOR Muslims

In a exposure of Obama's willingness to tell people what they want to hear, he does his first interview of his new presidency with an Arab news network. And in this interview he says that we need to "restore" the "same respect and partnership that America had with the Muslim world as recently as 20 or 30 years ago".

This shows one of two things, Obama's utter lack of recent history or his dependence on the public's lack of it. In Charles Krouthammer's piece, "Obama Just Flatters Himself" ,Charles takes issue with Obama's view on the last 20 to 30 years and points out that we, the United States of America "has done more for suffering and oppressed Muslims than any nation, Muslim or non-Muslim, anywhere on earth. Why are we apologizing?" Charles again is spot on with this assessment, and I have some of the numbers for you. How can a president apologize to the Muslim world when we have sacrificed our blood, arms, legs, eyes and lives to set Muslims free of tyranny, or tried to help feed and save the lives of people we do not know and have no national interest, except in spreading freedom for all of God's children.

'82 - '84 ...the Beirut deployment... 266 killed (many in the Marine barrack bombing) and 196 wounded. Total casualties = 435

'82 - '88...Persian Gulf Escorts...39 killed, 31 wounded keeping Kuwaiti tankers safe from our friends in Iran. Total Casualties = 70

'90 - 91...Gulf War...KIA 151, total killed - 299, 467 wounded freeing a whole Muslim country from the hands of Saddam and his two thug sons. Total casualties = 766

'92 - '93...Sumalia...Killed 43, wounded 153 trying to bring food to starving Muslims in a country that we truly had no national interest in, but it's what we do. Total casualties = 196

'95 - still...Bosnia...Killed 12, wounded 6 trying to protect Muslims and Christians from killing each other. Both Muslims and Christians tried to cleanse the other out. Total casualties = 18

'99 -still...Kosovo...Killed 20, wounded 2 again protecting Muslims. Total casualties = 22

2001 -still...Afghanistan... Killed 629, wounded 2379. 25 million people given a chance at freedom that would never have come if it were not of the US. Total casualties = 3008, so far.

2003 - still...Iraq...Killed 4221, wounded 43993. Another 25 million people given a chance, and taking advantage of it. Elections over the weekend with 51% of the population participating.

'82 till now...Total Killed 5529, total wounded 47700. 52, 729 soldiers laying down their lives or limbs to help and protect Muslim peoples all around the world from mainly fellow Muslims. And what does Pres. Obama say to the Muslim world? That "we" the US and western world, "cannot paint with a broad brush a faith as a consequence of the violence that is done in that faiths name." We have not done that, if anything we have done the reverse. Pres. Bush going to the Islamic Center in Washington, as Krauthammer points out, as ground zero was still smoldering, making sure that we did not take out our frustrations on our fellow Muslim-Americans and guests and declaring "Islam is Peace".

As we have done in the past, after we saved Europe and defeated the Nazis, and in Japan, and in Korea, the US military sacrifices it bravest and best, helping those who can't help themselves from those that care less for their own people than we do, and all we have asked in the past is enough room to bury our fallen. Now, we bring them home to lay in the bosom of our earth. And the wounded, we give them the best care we can, honoring them every chance we can with a simple "thank you for your service". We give our blood for others, why? Because this country stands against those that take the blood of others, and we always will.

Pres. Obama, instead of telling the Muslim world what our relationship will be like in the future, why not just point out what we have done for them in the past and ask, would you like us to continue trying to help or not. One more black eye from the Muslim extremists and attitudes may change.