Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hate Speech or Bad Satire?

Now when I look at this, I don't think it's that funny. I immediately think about the latest chimp attack, a god awful incident where a woman was mauled beyond recognition, literally being eaten by this chimp, and then was stabbed by its owner and after attacking the police, was shot to death. Ha ha?
Now we have this cartoon, political satire, to me saying that all it took was a monkey (okay a chimp is not a monkey, I know) to write the stimulus bill. Who do I think of right away, Nancy and Hairy, two of the biggest lightweight intellects in the government. I did not, as Al Sharpton would think, me being a white boy and all, think of Pres. Obama.

After all, he is half white isn't he, so if that's what I thought, I'd have to think that I'm pretty much a chimp myself, and ask anyone who knows me, I'm much better looking than a chimp! What hog-wash to label this as hate speech or anything close to it, it's political satire, and not very good satire at that. In fact, just like all people that go on about nonsense like this, if Al didn't make a stink out of it, no one would have paid any attention to it and it would have gone on to line bird cages just like all the news paper should. If you thought of Pres. Obama first, I'd like to know. Write me.

I'd rather be called a chimp by someone that has no power over me than a "coward" by the USAG, someone that is the law enforcement zarr of the US. That offends and scares me so much more than this sorry piece of cartoon satire. Call me cheetah and pass the bananas!

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