Monday, August 24, 2009

This former Marine is On The Money!

I love the part where he says to the congressman, "you've said we can keep our health insurance, Well Thank you, It's not your right to decide if I keep my insurance...."

We have given up so many rights, we need to change this country, take back the rights we've given up. 2010, is the time, to make our voices heard, and take back this country from the looters that have sold us down this road.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daniel Hannan, You Must Listen to this Man, Inspiring, Chilling and Sobering!

This is the best statement of why we must fight the health care reform Obama and the Dem. Congress are pushing. We must do all we can to stop this and return this country, this shining light on the hill, to its rightful place among the world. We are the leader of the free world, and we must stay the leader, for if not us, whom? Please listen to Mr. Hannan, and pay heed to his warning. We mustn't loose sight of from where we have come, and from whom we have come.

Our fathers gave us a form of government that is the envy of the world, and yet we let it slip our grasp, like we're hanging of a cliff, with rock and water below us, and not caring which we hit once we let go. I say don't let go, do more, climb back up on top of the mountain were we belong, and show the world what Freedom and Liberty are truly all about.

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In every state, all 57, we surround them. Even in New York, New Jersey and even in California, we, Conservatives, surround Liberals as a political force in this great country. Just click on the chart from Gallup and see that here, in my home state of Florida, we have a 19% advantage. In Louisiana, conservatives out number libs by 33%; and this is the state that has been run by raving liberal lunatics for years, until the arrival of Bobby Jindal, God Bless him.
This just justifies the town hall turnout and outrage. We do surround them, by numbers as high as 34%, and the media and the administration wonder why they see the out cry at the town hall meetings, it's because we are not the silent majority any more!
At the IBEW Local 606 Union Hall last night, my Congressman, Alan Grayson, the couragouse, hid behind his kids at his first, and I'm sure, only town hall meeting of his summer vacation. The hall only held 125 folks, and he held a Democrat meeting first, so only a small portion of the seats were available to the almost 1,000 folks that showed up. And that was amazing, because the coward announced the meeting at 8:30pm, Sunday night, for a 7:45pm meeting Monday evening. And when I say this wimp hid behind his kids, he literally told the "mob" to be civil, because his kids were there in the hall with him. God help them and keep them, for having him as a father must truly be a downer.
Now I just went out to find some picks of the event in our local media, and low and behold, what did I find on the News13, Brighthouse website. This short story, here, and as a sidebar for additional information, 3 web sites, Reality check (the Whitehouse), How Florida will Benefit ( and Coverage Denied ( Wow, I sure am glad the media is so FAIR on this subject. I do count on this cable "news" station for weather, but I'll be damned if I'll watch them anymore for real local news. Not one opposing view to look at. And you wonder why so many people don't realize that WE, Conservatives, are the majority, We Surround Them!
OH! I forgot to mention, My Voice Was Heard! I was called by, yes, Gallup, Sunday night. So I hope I helped put us over the top. I've always felt that my views were not out of the mainstream, and now, seeing this poling data, I feel I am right. The vast majority of folks I talk to and do business with see things pretty much as I do. We've got to much government and passing this bill will only bring on more, at a time when we have even less money to pay for government. It's just that simple, we've got too much and we can't afford more.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

When You Can't Say Something Nice....Call Them Nazis?

As the Democrats in Congress go home for their "well deserved" summer break, they are finding themselves at the pointy ends of torches and pitchforks, ( I only wish it were literal) at town hall meetings. It seems they are running into a few constituents that are not at all pleased to be possibly losing their health insurance that 85% of them seem to actually like!

These folks are just like you and me, you know, the Tea Party folks, and we have found our voices. Like the gentleman that thought it should take a little more time for us to go down the road of socialised medicine than it took for Obama to make up his mind on what kind of dog to have as the White house pet. Or the lady that pointed out that Social Security is broke, Medicare and Medicaid are broke, and the Congress wants us to let them run 17% of our economy when they can't even run a "Cash for Clunkers" program right. These people make good, valid points and make them forcefully. And what does the administration call these good citizens exercising their God given rights....An Angry Mob.

Here's Nancy Polosi throwing her 2 cents in on what she thinks about us:

Carrying Swastikas? Show me Nancy, I've never seen them, not on any video, or at any Tea Party rally. And don't you think the news rats would be jumping on this if it were true like they would on moldy chunk of Limburger in the corner. I have only seen true patriots at these rallies and town hall meeting.

Now, to the heart of the matter. All it takes is a little research and you can find that the $1 Trillion dollar price tag for the next 10 years is an outrage. I found, with just a little research that an individual can get coverage, good coverage for a cost of about $1,300 per year and very good coverage for about $1800 per year. That's a single man, 45 non-smoker living in FLA. If we, the U.S. gave the 35 million folks that don't have coverage, that's the full number the administration says don't have coverage, minus 12 million illegal aliens that should get the hell out of our country and knock on the front door.....ah, but I digress..... If we gave these folks health insurance it would cost $45,500,000,000 a year or $455 billion for 10 years. And if we could provide these folks with coverage, don't you think rates would come down. And this is without any government programs, them just paying for it through private insurance companies.

God!, it's not rocket science, if I can do the math you'd think a well educated, noise in the air, master of the universe congressman or congresswoman could count that high. Try it yourself, go on line, to a health insurance web site that provides free quotes and calculate if for your self. My plans gave me $5 million per person life time coverage, plenty of doctor visits, drug coverage, and reasonable deductibles. And again, if 35 million folks were added, don't you think the costs would go down?

Now don't get me wrong, I don't want our government paying for this, but it's not hard to go out there and do this on your own. So why don't more people do it? Because it's a freak'n free country and they don't have to......unless we allow our government to force us to.

What I find encouraging with all the "Angry Mobs" is that you can see the fear in the Congressman's faces, and that's how it should be. The government should fear the people, not the other way around. And our fear is now turning in to anger and that anger is turning in to action.