Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 1 year Anniversary President Obama

To the good people of Massachusetts, hats off to you and a big thanks to all of you that voted for Scott Brown. A year after Obama's inauguration, he is loved so much that the bluest of states, MA, votes in a Republican to replace the "Lion of the Senate" Ted Kennedy.

Say what you want about now Senator Scott Brown's opponent, this was a referendum on Obama and his progressive train wreck he's been trying to ram down the country's throat. Republicans of course voted for him, but the vast majority of independents, the largest voting block in MA and many Democrats voted for him as well. Why??? Because they were fed up with the politics of the Obama administration, all the back room deals, special interests and broken promises.

So let's look at this win last night of the new Senator of MA, Scott Brown, remembering something a very good man once said.

But I'll paraphrase: Massachusetts, we hear you....the whole world hears you......and the people that are tearing this country down will hear ALL of us soon! Come November.