Friday, May 29, 2009

Obama Drops Case of Voter Intimidation....Look Out in 2010

Charges brought against these thugs, Black Panthers standing in front of a poling place in Phillie, were dropped by the Obama Justice Department. These two dirt bags stood in front of a poling place and verbally assaulted voters, white and black alike, saying to one white voter, "you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker." They stood there, one holding a night stick or baton of some kind, slapping it in his hand in a threatening manor, as voters walked passed.

Out of all the reports back in 2000 and 2004 of voters with African heritage being turned away or intimidated by police or others to their poling places, which was never found to be true by any investigation, this disgusting display of intimidation from the other side, goes unpunished. Oh, my bad, they got a restraining order to say the can't do it again, what a bunch of dog squeeze. These guys should be put in jail for violating the rights of voters, for assault, which is verbal threats, and for being two of the dumbest A-holes on the planet.

I wrote about this on election day last year, here's my entry. Is this what we should expect in the Obamanation? It looks like it, just ask the Chrysler dealers that gave to the GOP, they're getting the boot, as dealers that gave to Dear Leader stay open or even expand. H/T to Gateway Pundit.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Empathise This....

"I would hope that a wise white male with the richness of his experience would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a Latina woman who hasn't lived that life."

Wow, who said that, what a bigoted, racist comment. There's no way someone who believes such a thing would ever get 100 miles from the U.S. Supreme Court, let alone be nominated to it.

Again, I'm am guilty of sarcasm, and I changed that comment above, pointing out the incredible double standard in the liberal mind these days. Just switch the "white male" with the "latina woman" and you have exactly what Obama's nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court,
Justice Sotomayor, said in 2001. What would have happened if a white male had said such a thing; he'd be out so fast his robes would be flapping in the wind like Superman's cape when he was screaming around the earth, saving Lois Lane by reversing the earth's rotation.

What does she have that will make it impossible for her to not get apporved? She has an education, 2nd in class at Princeton, not bad. Yale Law School, Okay. So education, check. Time on the bench. She was nominated in 1991 by Bush 41 to the Federal bench, who also nominated Judge Souter, the jurist she will be replacing. So 18 years on the bench, check. She is considered a "centrist" by the ABA Journal, big whip! But she has made some rulings that should make her seem not so far left.

She sided with the Bush 43 administration in regards to
US funding of abortions in Mexico City. And she sited the US constitution in doing so. Sounds good. But that's about it for the positives.

What makes me feel strongly that she will be a disaster on the court is the fact that Obama is nominating her because he wanted someone that will use their "empathy" when making rulings on the bench. What The .......

Being a judge is dealing with weighty questions that can affect us all. A judge can feel empathy for one of the parties in front of them, they can feel compassion and even identify with them. BUT, and again there's always a BUT, applying the law requires that judges put those personal feeling of empathy aside and refer to the law, and in her case, the U.S. Constitution, in providing the reasoning and backing to her rulings. This, the rule of law, is the only thing that can be used in performance of her duties. In the oath taken by Federal Judges it states:
“I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will administer justice without respect to persons, and do equal right to the poor and to the rich, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon me as (name of position) under the Constitution and laws of the United States. So help me God.”

I've highlighted the parts that will make it very hard for her to rule with empathy. She has made the following statement: “[W]e who judge must not deny the differences resulting from experience or heritage but attempt . . . continuously to judge when those opinions, sympathies, and prejudices are appropriate.” They're never approprate Judge Sotomayor, never!

And one of the other reasons for us to be afraid, be very afraid is this:

32 seconds into this clip she states; "the court of appeals is where policy is made...". Really, that's scary. She goes on, trying to dismiss her statement, but that is very telling of her mindset.

So, it looks like we'll be getting another liberal replacing a liberal, pretty much a wash. I say use this confirmation hearings to show just what kind of justice she will be and make sure the public is aware of what they've bought with Obama as President. And as he said in his speech this morning...."you ain't' seen noth'n yet......" Oh My!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't Underestimate U.S.

If this doesn't get your blood pumping, you need to put a miror under you nose to see if you're still breathing. Great stuff, an ad for a Tea Party in Alabama.

H/T to Theo Spark

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day, 2009 - One I Will Always Remember

My Memorial Day started off like most others, not much planned, but for a conversation with my mother telling me of a service at the Glen Haven Memorial cemetery at 11:00am that day. I knew that most cemeteries had services, but I'd rarely attended. But today I thought I'd make the effort. It made it easier that I'd be on that side of town that day anyway. So I went.

As I approached the seats, listening to the band playing patriotic music, I started walking in the grass to get under the tent set up for guests. My mom said she'd be there, and I was going to look for her, but I noticed something. Over the past week or two, we have had some of the wettest weather we've ever had here in Central Florida, some places receiving over 27 inches in one week. So as I approached I started hearing the squish, squish of standing water. The chairs were set up in the lowest area in the cemetery, but folks still sat there. I guess a sunburn would hurt more than trench foot. But I stayed dry and bared the sun.

I'm glad I did, for if I would have stayed cool under the tent I wouldn't have stood next to a retired solder, a Vietnam vet, I never got his name. We didn't say too much, but I started up our acquaintance by pointing out a man's flag next to us, a little one on a stick, was on the ground. After trying to make him aware of the discomfort I felt seeing it there, I picked it up and said, "especially on a day like today, this shouldn't be on the ground" and handed it to him. He walked off, I don't know if he truly heard me, but the vet next to me said " he's from a different generation", and I agreed.

But trying to think positive, I nudged the vet and pointed to the JROTC students standing ready to take part in the ceremonies and said " but there's hope for the next generation", and he smiled. We started slowly talking, I could see his discomfort, and as we went on, he told me that this was the first M-Day service that he'd ever been to since his war days. He said he'd been in two tours of duty, in '68 & '69, serving in the army. I listened as he told me about being in an attack helicopter unit, with gun ships and skips and then, with a chocked voice, he pulled out a framed picture, 3x5, of his best friend in country. His friend never made it back and I realized this must have been one, if not the first time he had shown this picture to a stranger. I truly felt honored to be holding it, this precious memory of his. I was humbled to say the least, and I stood there, blinking back tears, I could tell he had a lot of healing still to do.

As the ceremony progressed, the JROTC students performed a fallen solder tribute that struck home for both of us. The picture at the top of the entry shows the end result, but as the boys and girls performed it, you could tell, not a dry eye was to be had; even through my new friend’s sunglasses, I could tell by the frown and bowed head that he was moved to tears. The students brought out the rifle, boots, helmet, dog tags and placed them in the traditional way, in honor of the fallen. And as they did, other students, dressed in uniforms of the battles our best have fought and died in, came and stood behind the tribute, looking down at it with reverence. I was truly inspired and hopeful for our country's future seeing these young people showing heart felt patriotism. I know it exists, but to see it in person, in action, was uplifting to say the least.

As the ending of the ceremony was nearing, I knew I had to leave before it was over. I took the opportunity, as the solders, past and current, were asked to stand and be recognized for their service. Since my new friend was already standing, I patted him on the back, and offered my had to shake, and said "thank you for your service to our country", and I could tell he was appreciative as he looked me in the eye and said "you're welcome". I then left feeling honored to have made this first M-day service of his a little easier to get through, I thought it was the least I could do for him. I felt it was my duty after he confessed to me his apprehension of the day.

I had one other reason to be there that day, a even more personal reason. My father, who passed away April 18th, 1996, was resting there. So as I walked to my car, I made a point to stop by his grave and stood at the foot. I thought that today it would be appropriate that I give him a salute; he was in the USAF and served 3 years active and 25 year in the reserves reaching Lt. Col.. He was an honorable man, and he loved his country. He was buried with military honors, performed by the Orange County Sheriff's department. He was a Circuit Court Judge for 14 years before he passed, and a flag draped his coffin. So, I thought it was appropriate that, on Memorial Day, I give him a salute, the way he had taught me as a young man.

And as I did, the sound of a 21 gun salute cracked the round, then the next, then the final one. Then, just as it had happened on that day in April, 1996, TAPS rang out from the distance, and the scene of my father's grave side service was vividly back in my mind. I was motionless for a few moments, standing there and thinking that dad, my father was there with me and had pulled me to leave at that time, so that I might feel that feeling again, the pride, the pain, the honor of that day.

It started out as an average Memorial day, but I will always know that this Memorial Day, May 25th, 2009, will be one I remember and cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you my new Vietnam vet friend, thank you to all that have served and that have died for this country, thanks to the JROTC students that gave me hope and thanks dad for making this day so dear to me. I will always remember you and your hand guiding me through the day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Housing and Employment, Signs of Recovery?

House sales and prices show start of recovery
Catherine Boyle, The Times
May 7, 2009

Well, it looks like the recovery is the light we see at the end of the tunnel, prices seem to be bottoming out, sales seem to be rising, and unemployment is not growing as all sound Great doesn't it!

Okay, if you've read any of my stuff, you that that first line is dripping wet with sarcasm. I hate to be the barer of not so good news, but I don't see things as perky as the AP, The Times, Reuters or any of the Obamedia that seems to be avoiding some very large elephants in the room.

First, Housing prices. There has been a slow-down in price declines and even some markets a slight increase in prices for housing. Is the cause a reversal of the housing market, bottoming out as some might say, or.......could it be that the Fannie & Freddie moratorium on foreclosures has created a small bubble of its owe. Here in Central Florida, where I work as a Mortgage Officer, March 09, we saw a drop in inventory to a level that was encouraging. I deal a lot with Realtors that list Fannie foreclosures and they shared with me sales info that showed that this area's inventory dropped to 11 months. This means that if sales and inventory remained the same, it would take 11 months to sell all the homes listed. Wow, that sounded great. But, and there's always a But, we reminded ourselves that Fannie and Freddie hadn't foreclosed on any homes in the last 5 months or so. What does that mean?
It means that there is a back log of foreclosed properties that will come on to the market in the next few months, killing the prices and driving up inventories. Again, when government gets involved and doesn't let the markets work them selves out, we see artificial movements in those markets and the news can be pushed by the media, in this case as good news, or if this was happening in the Bush years, they would be mentioning everything I just said.
On the employment front, the news is that we "Only lost 529,000 jobs in April, less than predicted and the smallest amount in 6 months". But have we forgot something coming around the bend in that tunnel, like the Chrysler BR and the soon BR of GM? You may think that these two companies employ quite a lot of folks, but if we're recovering, that won't be so bad, we can handle it. But these companies don't just employ folks, they make employment possible for hundreds, if not thousands of smaller companies and mom & pop shops, making all the items that go into the cars they build and parts stores for after market goods. This is not to mention the stores and services that rely on the income of the workers, feeding their families, buying their clothes, going to the doctor......and every other mundane job that families do everyday. This will be a significant blow to our economy, driving unemployment up to over 10% (my prediction). And then, GM comes out says, after their restructure is over, that they will be moving quite a few of the lost jobs overseas, never to be seen again in this country.

Look, I'm usually the "glass if half full" kind of guy, however hard it's been to be that way recently, but is it me or are the media and government officials trying to talk us out of a recession, not paying attention to the short term future I've just mentioned.

I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, my only fear is that it's a diesel locomotive, which by the way isn't carrying GM or Chrysler cars.

The only positive I see is the stock market, which, as BAHL's Blog points out, is one of the best indicators of a soon-to-be recovery. Let's hope that he is right and I am wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.