Tuesday, August 18, 2009


In every state, all 57, we surround them. Even in New York, New Jersey and even in California, we, Conservatives, surround Liberals as a political force in this great country. Just click on the chart from Gallup and see that here, in my home state of Florida, we have a 19% advantage. In Louisiana, conservatives out number libs by 33%; and this is the state that has been run by raving liberal lunatics for years, until the arrival of Bobby Jindal, God Bless him.
This just justifies the town hall turnout and outrage. We do surround them, by numbers as high as 34%, and the media and the administration wonder why they see the out cry at the town hall meetings, it's because we are not the silent majority any more!
At the IBEW Local 606 Union Hall last night, my Congressman, Alan Grayson, the couragouse, hid behind his kids at his first, and I'm sure, only town hall meeting of his summer vacation. The hall only held 125 folks, and he held a Democrat meeting first, so only a small portion of the seats were available to the almost 1,000 folks that showed up. And that was amazing, because the coward announced the meeting at 8:30pm, Sunday night, for a 7:45pm meeting Monday evening. And when I say this wimp hid behind his kids, he literally told the "mob" to be civil, because his kids were there in the hall with him. God help them and keep them, for having him as a father must truly be a downer.
Now I just went out to find some picks of the event in our local media, and low and behold, what did I find on the News13, Brighthouse website. This short story, here, and as a sidebar for additional information, 3 web sites, Reality check (the Whitehouse), How Florida will Benefit (Healthreform.gov) and Coverage Denied (Healthreform.gov). Wow, I sure am glad the media is so FAIR on this subject. I do count on this cable "news" station for weather, but I'll be damned if I'll watch them anymore for real local news. Not one opposing view to look at. And you wonder why so many people don't realize that WE, Conservatives, are the majority, We Surround Them!
OH! I forgot to mention, My Voice Was Heard! I was called by, yes, Gallup, Sunday night. So I hope I helped put us over the top. I've always felt that my views were not out of the mainstream, and now, seeing this poling data, I feel I am right. The vast majority of folks I talk to and do business with see things pretty much as I do. We've got to much government and passing this bill will only bring on more, at a time when we have even less money to pay for government. It's just that simple, we've got too much and we can't afford more.

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