Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ronny on Obama, Socialist/Liberal No Difference

In this speech, delivered in 1966 by Gov. Reagan of Calf., Reagan gives the best and easiest to understand argument against the modern day Liberal agenda. Listen has he describes the way liberalism, Socialism will be, and now is being slowly dripped in to our society. Then read my response to an opinion piece and to the responders to that piece. There's only one way to achieve the changes we need to expunge the power that has accumulated in Washington over the past 70 years, Revolution! Viva de Reagan Revolution!

"Now look over here, at this hand, the one I want you to watch, so you don't see my other hand in your back pocket" should be in a dialog bubble over "O's" head as he goes on about the bonus pay on Wall St. Please, everyone here harping on this issue; take your eyes off of this "slight-of-hand" distraction and see what this man and his congressional friends are doing with their other hand. While they go on about this populist issue, and hit us over the head with these dollar figures of $900Billion, and Trillions, so we get desensitized to them, they reach around with their magician's dexterity and slip in this bill and that bill, taking us down a road to socialized medicine and worse. This outrage is so misplaced that "O" must be thinking that he may just be able to walk on water, just like all of the knuckle-heads that voted for him must have thought. SHIP and increases in Medicare/Medicaid are the easiest way for the socialist snake to enter our homes and coil around us in what many will think is a warm, secure embrace, but then they will not notice the incremental tightening and squeezing that will take more and more of their life, their freedom, little by little.

The only way to have Wall Street clean up its act is to let it fail. The first step down this road I’m talking about was the TARP funds, and the misuse of those funds. We were told that “We had to pass it or we would fall off a cliff!” Well not even half of the money has been used, we haven’t fallen off that cliff, and Wall Street is nibbling at the teat for more. Haven’t we learned by now that when the Government sticks its ugly head in, nothing good ever happens. If we want to fix the bonus problem, let the SOBs fail, and get kicked to the street. It’s hard to get a bonus when you’re pounding pavement. Many times, the only way an addict realizes he is one is when he hits rock bottom. These Wall Street folks will learn if we get out of the way, let them fail and let the market buy up those assets, and there will be buyers, and create more efficient companies that respond to their stockholders. Wanting to tax high incomes at 80% or 90% won’t fix a damn thing, it will just keep these folks buying Congressmen and the loop-holes in the 18,000 page tax code that they need to keep the status quo. This administration is the best thing ever to happen to K Street, when they want to spend like there’s no tomorrow, which there won’t be for our kids of we let them.

The only fix is a revolution, one that kicks the IRS to the curb and one where we have a constitutional amendment that brings in the only way to limit the power of government and lobbyists, and that is the Fair Tax. Tax relief, not spending will dig us out of this hole we’re in and free us from the heavy hand of the Federal Government. Google it, look into it and learn about it and you will find that nothing out there would have as big an impact to changing the balance of power and bringing businesses back to the US than passing this in to law. What will it take, an act of congress. Not this congress, but one that comes after, after the public has had enough of their rights and lives being stepped on by this liberal, socialist government that thinks it is the answer, when, as a great president once stated, “it is the problem!”

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BAHL said...

A very standout piece Captain. Reagan is a man among boys, and his rhetoric, in this regrettable time of America marching towards socialism under a chosen one of an intellectuallly absent electorate, is most important. Happy Birthday Mr. President, we sure do miss you and one can only hope your words will resinate again with us today.