Monday, October 13, 2008

Who is Racist?

As Obama says that "they" are going to try to scare you saying 'he doesn't look like all those presidents on the dollar bills' and that "they" will tell you he has a funny name, or "they" will say 'he's black', No where, no where at all has this been said by McCain or Palin in their campaign. Some knuckle-heads in the audience may have said some dumb ass remarks but even McCain has come out and said Obama is a good man with different views.

Again, as I have said here in earlier posts, Obama is in this race for one reason and one only. Because he is a black man. One with a limited record that any one else would have looked at and, with any amount of humility, would have turned down his party's advances to run for the president of the United States.

The only people that are bringing up his race is his party and people in it that have used that tactic to browbeat any opposition in the past with the "racist" tag to shut them up. One of the best places to see the use of this tactic is Obama's old stomping grounds, ACORN. This was used by them to extort banks into making loans to folks that should have never gotten them. It was used by people in his own party to try to stifle former
U.S. VP candidate Ms. Ferraro from stating just what I am saying. And the most recent use, Rep. John Lewis comparing the McCain campaign to Gov. George Wallace back in the 60's.

So Who's racist? America is almost evenly divided on Mr. Obama, with Gallup showing that 6% of voters have a problem with his race but 9% see it as a reason to vote for him. And the other 85% not giving a bat crap about his race. But when you go to the black voting block, 95% say they will vote for Obama. Again I ask, who is racist?

As always, I invite your comments and questions to any of what I have said here or in the past. I look forward to hearing from you.

10/17/2008, Charles Krauthammer's article also stating how Obama's campaign has been so good at race bating and calling out racism, even though there has been none. I'm glad to see that I'm ahead of the game.

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