Monday, October 27, 2008

What Government "MUST" Do for You?

Listening to this gives me chills. Not just about the "Redistribution of Wealth" factor, but his view on the courts and what kind of Federal Judges he will appoint. With his obvious contempt for the US Constitution, judges that have his view will rip apart the tenants that hold this country together.

  • Private property - This is the foundation of Capitalism. Without Private Property Rights the people have no real power over the government. Seeing the softness currently in the courts and local governmental powers, it's hard not to think that this would only get worse with Obama appointees ruling over our private property.

  • Family Laws - With gay rights advocates promoting same-sex marriage and special rights for same sex couples, the courts Obama would provide would certainly force this one down our throats.

  • The ease of changing the courts - With a filibuster proof Senate, Obama will have no trouble putting radical, left-wing, write'n-laws-from-the-bench style judges in power over the Federal Courts. Harry Reid will do all he can to move them along and quell any decent in his own ranks, if there is any. Just think, would you want Reid, Pelosi and Biden as an appellate court concerning your private property? NOT ME!

Knowing the little we know about Obama, it seems that anyone with respect for the US Constitution and the true spirit of our Founding Fathers would have to at least give pause before pulling the lever for him. Everything that has made this country great he seems to be against. Capitalism, faith in society, respect for life, respect for private property, these are the "mistakes" he's talking about that we are still tied to.

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