Saturday, October 11, 2008

A New America, The Obamanation!

Here's what we'll get:

  • Free Health Care

  • Guaranteed Jobs

  • Confiscate inherited wealth

  • Spend vast sums on public education

  • Purge the church from public policy

  • Promote pagan spirituality

  • Insert the authority of the state into every nook & cranny of daily life

  • Declare war on smoking

  • Support abortion and euthanasia and gun control

  • Foment a loathing of the free market system

  • Provide generous pensions for the elderly

  • Maintain strict quota systems at universities

  • Promote campus speech codes

  • Insist on only organic farming

  • Promote vegetarianism

  • Give rights to animals

If all of this sounds a bit familiar, well maybe it should. Do these guys ring a bell?

Please read this book, Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" and see that Obama is walking us down that same road. You can here it in his words, see it in his associates and feel it in the mania that is surrounding him.

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