Friday, October 31, 2008

Responding to the Cool-Aid drinkers

My response to a recent email I received.

Here's what was sent to me:

This guy never fails to come up with another view point at least worthy of reading, if nothing else. I will take all rebuffs in stride as I always do. I do not proclaim to agree or disagree, I am only passing on another persons point of view. Joe

Here's an interesting read I came across....

It has become knowledge to me after doing a little research but there is another candidate associated with terrorism other than Barack Obama being linked to domestic terrorism. It all starts in the 1980's during the republican Ronald Reagan/George H W Bush era. In the 1980's the then Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan. The United States and the Republicans had decided to help the Afghan rebels fight off the Soviet Invasion by supplying them with weapons and money. One of the leaders of the rebels was of course, you guessed it, Osama Bin Ladin himself. The United States of America and the Republicans helped and was associated with terrorism. Not hard to believe once you understand that George H W Bush was also once head of the CIA. Bill Clinton in the 1990's was offered the 'head of Bin Ladin' but the Republicans refused to let that happen. Now in the new century Bin Ladin set into motion an attack on the United States on 9-11. Instead of going after Bin Ladin, we went after Sadam in Iraq. For what? For his father not completing the gulf war of course so this was a golden opportunity to go after someone who wasn't part of it and finish what George H W Bush should have done. Meanwhile for the last several years we were still promised the capture of Bin Ladin. You know, the one who the Republicans helped. Just a speculation but what if after all this we find out that the Republicans along with the CIA are still connected to Bin Ladin . Bin Ladin supplies us with information on terrorist cells that we go after and break up so that he can still stay free and alive. It's typical and even criminals do this during a plea bargain. They walk if they give valuable information. Republicans have a bad habit of making alliances with countries who want to harm us. Richard Nixon went to China, a communist country, and now look at us. We borrow money from them and are in debt to them by billions of dollars. Nixon opening up China to America has destroyed the values of our working lives and made our economy weaken to cheap labor and product. Meanwhile we are not allowed to go to Cuba thanks to a Democrat named John F Kennedy. He stood strong against Cuba and the Soviet Union. We haven't had a strong president stand strong against it's aggressors since he was in office. Just one failed presidency after another and more countries hating us due to bad foreign policy. I'm not saying who you should vote for but keep this in mind. We have failed has a nation and the presidency has failed us as well as the government. I do not feel any safer now than 8 years ago.

Kinda makes you think a little bit that it's true. We helped Bin Ladin. We made him into what he is. Remember this too. Dwight D Eisenhower and Ulysses S. Grant both 2 term republicans never served as a politician until becoming a president. Combined they actually have less experience than Obama has now. Scary and just in time for Halloween...Obama with little experience or McCain with republican ties to Bin Ladin.

Either way, the economy will be bad next year regardless of who's in office. It will be 4 years of McCain blaming the Democrats for a bad economy or 4 years of Obama being blamed by republicans saying see I told you so. Not enough experience. Either way it will be getting worse. Pick who lies the best. Who would you buy a car from.

My response:

I did read it, and I've heard this before. I agree that the US getting in bed with OBL was not the best of choices, but he hadn't done anything against us at that time. Reagan did order this, but he had a Dem. House and Senate, and they approved of it as well. We were fighting the "Cold War" at the time and helping the rebel fighters in Afghanistan was a major part of winning that war. At the time, OBL was not a threat to us or any western country.

There are a few blatant falsehoods in this opinion, namely that when Clinton was offered OBL's head the Republicans refused to let that happen? That's just not the way it happened. He had opportunities in Somalia, and Afghanistan, three different times, to either take him out or have him arrested after he was responsible for the first WTC bombing. He did not go along with it. But if George H.W. Bush would have been in there he would have taken the opportunity to take him out. Instead, we got the USS Cole, and two embassies bombed. And what did Clinton do, after he was finishing up in the little closet off the Oval Office, he sent cruse missiles to destroy some factories at night, and, with the help of his dundering Sec. of State, Madelyn Albright, telegraphed his strike in Afghanistan on some empty terrorist camps.

Then there is the fact that we didn't finish the first Iraq war. We did what the UN mandated, kicked Saddam out of Kuwait and rendered him and his army mute. If we would have gone in and occupied Baghdad we would have lost any credibility we had in the region, and would have gone against the UN's mandate. H.W. Bush did what he could to make Saddam piss his paints, but he wouldn't go against what the Congress authorized and what the UN stated. I won't argue the reasons for going into Iraq the second time, all-be-it to say that every intelligence agency in the world thought the same as we did. But we did go into Afghanistan first and put the Taliban and al-Qaida on the run. OBL may well be alive, but we are now striking the mountains in Pakistan and for all we know the man is dead. The whole, "informant" scenario is crap!

Going back to Nixon in China is lame, not worth commenting on.

The love affair with Kennedy has always struck me as odd, especially for the far left libs. If Kennedy was alive today and took the same positions as he did then, he wouldn't have anything to do with today's Democratic party. He cut taxes to grow revenue, he built up the military and pushed for the expansion of our influence around the world through benign means like the Peace Corp., but also through very covert means in the USSR and in Asia. He started us up in Vietnam. But he also bungled the "Bay of Pigs" operation which caused us to lose face in the western hemisphere and let communism take a foot-hold in central and south America. He was inspirational, but as an affective president, he was rather weak. It would have been much different if he would have lived, which I sure wish he would have. But we may have not made to the moon until we were in high school if he hadn't been assassinated. It brought the country together like no living president could have.

Finally, the reference to Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ulysses S. Grant. This guy thinks that because they didn't have much experience in "politics" that should let us have confidence in "the one"? These two generals did have something that BHO has none of, and that leadership creds. They both lead some of the most important military battles in the life of this great nation. Grant finally took the fight to the south and won the bloodiest war this county had and has ever seen, when it comes to American lives lost. And Eisenhower led the battle plan that ended the war in Europe, and was instrumental in the Marshal plan that rebuilt Europe after WWII. Comparing these men and their "lack" of political experience is a joke, or at least is should be.

These men accomplished great things, like saving this country and saving the world. What in the world has Obama done, not one thing worth a hoot. He's never lead anything of substance. He's never bucked up against his own party to make changes. He's just gone along for the ride, using anyone, and I mean anyone, to get ahead. When we helped the Afghani rebels fight the USSR, OBL was not our enemy, he hadn't done a thing against this country. Now, we hunt him and I would shoot him on the spot if I had the chance. But, again, he had done nothing to the US when we worked with him. On the other hand, a person that was responsible for bombing this country, the Capital, the Pentagon and the NYPD headquarters, was made a political ally of Mr. Obama. After knowing what this man did, no matter if he was 8 years old at the time, he should have denounced him as an enemy of the US, which he is still, and refused to associate himself with such a dirt bag. But what does he do, he saw an opportunity to advance in the slimy politics of Chicago and jumped in with both feet. He honored this man, Bill Ayres, with sitting on boards with him, starting his political career in this man's living room, and endorsing his books. He calls him, 'just someone that lives in my neighborhood", or as just an English teacher. I say, look at your friends and I'll show you your future, God help us if these kind of friends are around Obama, because what does that mean for our future.

This is a very scary Halloween indeed, with the fact of an Obamanation looming over our heads, a man without one accomplishment of weight, a man that has thrown everyone he knew under a bus after he got the nomination of his party, including his dying grandmother, and someone that wants to implement policies that will undercut the country and our economy much like the Dem icon, FDR did after a similar economic period in the past, I'd say "be afraid, be very afraid!" FDR's alphabet soup prolonged the "Great Depression" of the 30's until WWII brought us out. The rest of the world got out of it with in 3 years. We don't need another FDR, we need a leader, not someone that says things great, but someone that says and does great things. Obama is not a leader, he is not "the one" that will make this country great again. This country is great, and no president, or any government will make us great. WE THE PEOPLE will make this country great. As long as we believe in what our founding fathers set forth, a country of the people, by the people and for the people, we will be what they foresaw, a land where the inalienable rights that God provides us, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of our dreams can take place, and where the government will not get in our way of these rights.

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