Monday, September 1, 2008

CNBC's Maria B. on VP Pick Palin

Here's is more highlights of CNBC's Maria B talking about Gov. Palin, McCain's VP pick. She is strong on energy, the most important issue of our time as I write this. Russia invades Georgia because of pipelines, oil prices are falling but still over $110 per barrel. Iran, well, is being Iran and saber-rattling their forthcoming nuclear sword. And then there's Gustav, that again shows the vulnerability of the gulf coast oil rigs, shutting them down in anticipation of a big storm. Luckily the storm lost some punch and didn't damage as much as it could have, but it says volumes about our preparedness for the storms and our ability to provide the safety needed to protect the gulf waters from oil spills. But it also shows our dependence on just this region for our off shore oil production. If we were off Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, California, and off shore in Alaska and in ANWR, we wouldn't feel the angst when a storm approaches the gulf as we do now.

If Obama has his way and doesn't drill as we need, then we can look forward to more wheeling and dealing with people we don't like and that don't like us. We will have higher full costs, and with less domestic supply of oil, our recovery of this slow economy will take much longer.

I say lets look at Palins willingness to produce, she did it the age of 44, and has passed that desire down to her daughter, who is in the midst of some production herself. (sorry bad joke, but I had to comment some how. ) Even this revelation hasn't tempered the new enthusiasm for Palin and the McCain ticket. Talk'n the talk and Walk'n the walk. And with this news, how will any liberal talking head, or Dem. spinner say that the republicans don't know how the rest of us feel or live our lives. The Palins are as real as it gets, as far out of D.C. as you can possibly get and with real family issues like the rest of us. Did her daughter make a mistake, yes, but it is not the mistakes that make us who we are, it's how we react to them that shows our character. Why do we fall, so we can learn to pick ourselves up again.

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