Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dig or Just Dumb?

Now I have to say something about this, some may think I'm naive, but I don't think Obama was trying to take a swipe at Palin with this remark. If you listen to him speak, he's trying to look for a phrase he's heard or trying to ad lib a line that he thinks will be funny. Now the crowd got the joke, even if he didn't. I truly think he's that dense.

I believe he has been talking to Biden and likes the quick jab style of his running mate, but the man truly doesn't have the gift. I had said earlier that we will see Biden put not just one, but both feet in his mouth before we see Palin do it. And boy-howdy has he.

Now you have to get through the first half of this video and try not to lose your lunch, then he makes one hellava flub.

Saying that she, Senator Clinton, would have been a better pick, well he's right, but how damn stupid is this man! Sarah Palin is kick'n ass and taking names partly because women are flocking to her and he goes and tells this crowd and the rest of the public that Hilary would have been a better choice.

Now I stand by my statement that Obama didn't know that he was making a dig, but this just shows an utter lack of any kind of judgement from this man. And then throw in Biden and his gaffs and this pair is truly the worst ticket I've seen in all my years as a voter. Yes, even worse than Mondale/Farraro in '84.

Oh yeah, here's another Biden gaff, see if you tell why he's so flustered.

OH MY GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDAAAAAHHHHH...... the man,Chuck Graham, is a paraplegic. Biden may want to have a talk with his prep-staff before the next event to see if there are any arm amputees that he can ask to give a little wave.

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