Friday, September 26, 2008

Blame where Blame is due!

This video is fast (read quick) and informative. It shows how this "crisis" came about and how it all stems back to the CRA and "Affordable mortgages". Follow it with your cursor on the pause button so you can stop it and read some to the documents. This person did some very good research, if only the "lame-stream" media would do a little. Take a look at the parties involved and see that the foxes are being put in charge of the hen house. All of the players that we've seen on TV, popping up in front of cameras saying, "it was deregulation by the Bush administration" are just plain lying to us and they know it. Like McCain, this video lacks somewhat in style, but makes up for it in substance. Enjoy and pass it along.

Want more proof, just watch this and see that in 2004 the dems just couldn't do enough to cast aside any thought of more oversight, even playing the race card using term "lynching" to describe how the former CEO of Fannie Mae was treated. This idiocy can not be laid at the feet of republicans when they tried to pass legislation and couldn't even get it out of committee because of dems.

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