Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Not One Piece of Major Legislation Passed", IT'S TRUE!

He's written two books, memoirs of his vast experience at age 47. And yet, as Sarah Palin stated, "he hasn't written one piece of major legislation". Now so many "Dem." talking heads will tell you, he's co-sponsored major ethics reform bills and other such things. But what has he authored and sponsored himself. I wanted to know, so, I did some fact checking of his record. And what I found out was that Gov. Palin is spot on with her dig.

Senator Obama has been in office since 2005, being elected in 2004. Since then he has sponsored, which means he is, or his office staff is, responsible for the content of the bill and the muscle to get it through, only 136 bills. Yes, he has co-sponsored many bills, but that's not the same as what Gov. Palin stated, that he hasn't written one himself. The amazing lack of production from his office, in so far as getting legislation passed into law is truly astonishing. Here's what I found:

Since 2005 Senator Obama has introduced 136 bills and resolutions to the floor of the Senate. 21 in 2005, 44 in 2006, 62 in 2007 and so far this year 8 bills have come from his office. Now here is where he is most impressive, LOL! 6 (six) of those 136 bills have become law, which may sound good to some, but for the fact that only two were really "Laws" and the other four were resolutions. How about "The National Day of Learning" introduced 07/13/2006, or recognition of the the Chicago White Sox for their winning the World Seres. Major pieces of work there I do say.

Some of the others were, condemning the violence in Zimbabwe, Okay, that's good. Recognising the 44th anniversary of the "Freedom Summer" where activists were killed in Ala. for supporting and leading the fight for social reform in the segregated south, that's good too. But these and a couple others do not make the grade when someone says he has "passed major bills"

Oh, and the two "Laws" that he sponsored and got passed, one was the naming of a post office, the Katherine Dunham U.S.P.O. and the other was a law passed to "Promote democracy in the Congo". Now for a junior senator this isn't that bad, but if you're trying to hang your hat on this to make a run at the white house, well Damn, you must have major man berries or the biggest ego on the planet.

I'm going with Ego!

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