Friday, August 29, 2008

The Barracuda Takes Point in the Energy Debate

If you have questions on Gov. Palin's qualities as a leader, take a look at this video from CNBC. She spells out, with a mavin's grasp of the issue, the reasons why we need to drill in ANWR and open up our country to more drilling. She really knows her stuff. I'm impressed and look forward to hearing Biden's explanation on why he voted against the Alaska oil pipeline 30 years ago. This choice of VP will make or brake this election. They usually don't, but if what I've seen from her and her affect on the republican base, unless she really steps in it we will see a female VP for the first time in Nov. I think that there is a better chance that Biden will step in it many times, with both feet, before she stumbles.

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BAHL said...

Excellent selection by Mac.

I had a feeling this might bring you back to the blog!

Drill, Drill Drill!