Monday, April 27, 2009

Was the Oath an Omen?

Do you remember this? Obama and the Chief Justice having a "do-over" because they screwed the oath of office up on inauguration day. I was thinking, this is not a good sign!

And how that portentous sign has been coming true. I wanted to wait for the first 100 days to be over before I wrote about them, but how much more do we have to see to know that this guy, and his hand picked minions, don't have the first clue on how to run a hot dog stand, let alone the world's largest, strongest and most powerful nation. At least it is for now.

Let's take a walk down the short but very filled memory lane of President Obama's first 100 days....errrr.... or so.

After fumbling the opening kickoff, he goes back and takes the oath of office, but as you can see, no bible....oooops.

Then for an opening play, he turns the ball over to our opponents, the friendly jihadists down in Gitmo. He stops all trials and then says we will have 365 days to close the place down. And we're going to keep these wonderful folks where?!

( on a red flag, official time out, we're reviewing the play, and.....yes, we did, we did get information that saved thousands of lives, and, wait......yes, yes, we will be prosecuting the Bush administration officials that authorised the use of "harsh" interrogation techniques to get that info. Now back to you in booth)

Now, back to the game, and how expensive this game has become, when Great Leader gets his $800+ Billion dollar "stimulus" bill passed, that really, do you feel the least bit stimulated right now? Did we have to do something, maybe, but this bill was the worst thing that could have happened. 80% of these funds won't be spent until 2010, and that's stimulus how? It got whittled down to around $700 Billion, whew!, but that was just the start.

To through in a oldie but a goodie, he just went ahead and reversed the ban on the use of Federal funds for abortions performed in countries other than ours, namely Mexico. Now that he let us see that he's playing from the tried and true liberal, demo play book, we can see the game plan forming, but we can't seem do anything about what was coming.

Now, back down to the sidelines, and here's Obama with his first interview, oh but wait, it's not with us, it's with another reporter, an Arabic news reporter, let's see if we can hear some of what is being said........."arrogant" yes, yes, we heard the word arrogant, who could have seen that one coming? Back to you upstairs...

Well, I'm sure that was the last time we are going to hear that word.

Okay, back to the game. The ball is on the 20, the G20, and that play went over like a Led Zeppelin. Going to England and first making a fool of himself, and the First Lady, by touching the queen, wow, can you say....faux pas. And this after he "disses" the PM of England, Gordan Brown, by giving him DVDs as his gift for his first visit to the White house. Nothing says "Harvard educated" like a gift of movies to an almost blind man.Then, with 2 minutes to go until half time, Obama stages a big play, going on a European tour trying to drum up support for our war in Afghanistan. And how does he inspire the free world to follow him down the field, he starts slamming his own team.

Nothing like going over to the other side of the field, and telling your opponent that they have been wronged, and it was our team's fault that they have suffered. You know, it's because of all of our arrogance, yikes, there's that word again.

And now a word from our sponsor, Pontiac......what......NOOOOOO......really, not going to be made any more.......that sucks. I know a few folks that are going to be really bummed about that one. Well, back to the game.

Oh, here's another report from the side lines, Obama is now in the other team's huddle, shaking hands and giving those pearly whites a workout. Look at him go; there's Ortega spouting on about how bad our team is, and there's Obama, just listening, he's such a good listener. And there's Chavez, going in for the hand shake and.......yes, there it is, Oh! and not just any hand shake, he got the "what'sup my broth'a from another moth'a" hand shake and the "catch ya lat'a" look from his new friend the "prezzz".

Let's see what other teams these guys have been on before; Nice.

Now this guy plays fair, never cheats, and always shake hands after the game, of course unless you're a Jew.
There's a lot we didn't get to see on this highlight film of these first 100 days of Pres. Obama, but hey, the hits just keep coming. The first 100 days, that means, on the bright side, there are 100 day fewer to the next election, one where we can maybe select some new draft picks, and bring in some veteran players as well. But for now, we must press on, keeping an eye on the game at hand. Let's call penalties when we see them, and a pat on the butt for something he may do right, you know, the blind hog and the nut story, and let's make it through this together. Go Team GO!

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