Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enough is Enough, GB states it Brilliantly!

It can't be said much better than this, Glenn Beck standing in front of 15,000 law abiding, law loving and peaceful folks, tells it like I'd like to say it. I wasn't able to attend yesterdays rallies, but I am in awe of how many people came together, sounding as one and as individuals, telling Washington that Enough Is Enough!

But yet, try and find coverage of this in our local paper's online web site, it's not there. I'm talking about the Orlando "Slantinel" Sentinel. We had a good crowd looking at the pictures from high in a building next to City Hall, where is was held. But try to find coverage on the web site, I refuse to purchase the litter-box liner, and you will not find a peep.

Today, Glenn Beck mentioned on his show that the crowd, 2 hours before the start of the event was about 4,500, and that is what was reported in the San Antonio news. But at the start of the event the crowd, estimated by the local police, swelled to 15,000. And this is just one of so many examples of the media trying to quell the news about this, but they can't. This will not stop, this will carry over to July 4th, and then 9-11, and it will keep growing until we do go to Washington, and literally surround them, the congress, by our presence, marching on that town like the Boston citizens charging the British merchant ships, back in 1773. We will through the bums out like an old stale keg of English tea.

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