Monday, April 20, 2009

How Can We Keep the Party Moving....?

With over 500,000 patriots coming together last Wednesday, April 15th, we saw the voice of a movement rising up and becoming stronger. The "Tea Parties" as they were called, sprang from a ground swell of the voting public that has seen their views devalued by not just the majority power in Washington D.C., the Democrats, but also by most of their own party, the Republicans. As I have mentioned in past posts, I have stayed true to my conservative values, but my party, the Republican party has seen fit to veer off course. They oppose most of what is being done right now by the Demo leaders in Washington, but they were doing much of it themselves the first 6 years of the Bush administration, all be it not to this extent. So I have made a decision, one that I think many of us that have participated, in person or in support, in the "Tea Party" movement should consider as a way to make our voices heard and become even more powerful.

I have left the Republican party, not for the Demo party, that could never happen, and not to the Libertarian party or Green or any other party. I have registered as an "Independent". It seemed that the media always referred to the independents, in the middle, as the voters that will make or break an election. So why not join them, they seem to have the power, don't they. And I propose to make this, becoming an "Independent", part of our Tea party movement. Here's how;

We become the "I.T. Party", which stands for the "Independent Tea Party" It's not an official political party, but an Independent voters movement. The two party system is failing us right now, it may get back on track, but for now both parties, well... suck!

And think about it, I.T., it sounds so intellectually technical, and it's very easy to spell, anyone that knows me knows how important that is for me. But the true meaning of it, I mean I.T., is the shouting of our collective voices, as individuals, saying listen to us, each of us, we matter, I matter. For our voices to be heard we need to break free of what we are comfortable doing, selecting the lesser of two evils, or voting down the party line with the feeling that this party is closer to my values but not really close; and hopefully we can make a choice of someone that thinks, Independently, about what is right, as in righteous, and not about what is right or left, or what will keep their job approval high or other B.S.; but independent thought about what is right for America.

I propose a simple sign for our movement, the Tea bag with "I.T. Party" as its logo. If enough voters change to "Independent", then the parties will have to listen, because it will be us, those non-affiliated voters, that they will be trying to win over.

So join the "I.T. Party" the Independent Tea Party today, so we can be heard by the parties that be in Washington.

And it all started with this Rick Stantelli rant on Chicago Stock exchange:


d. eris said...

What is your response to fellow tea partiers who argue that staying with the Republican party is nonetheless the only option going forward?

Cap'm said...

Good question, and if you can find a Rep. that will listen to you and has any clout it DC, I'm all ears. But for now, I can't think of any. If you feel you can make changes within the party, please share your thoughts, I'm all ears as well.