Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How Much Is Too Much Mr. Cogressman?

Thanks BAHL for posting this great Fox News clip, showing the world what an out - n - out sleaze ball Alan Grayson really is. Trying to use the Constitution to excuse this Big Brother law, and not being able to tell Mr. Cavuto what the law he past considers excessive pay. All he talks about is the populist stance of taking on the big exec's that brought down companies and got big bonuses. And he accuses Neil of supporting the big bonuses, using the tactics that he talked about in his interview with Byron York that I posted about yesterday. He doesn't even acknowledge the fact that all, that is ALL, employees are covered under this law.

I am reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand right now, on page 541, just over half way through, and this man would be a perfect pick for any of the looter class characters that have taken the country down the path of socialism and use the laws to gain and maintain power. They always answer questions with questions, never telling you straight forward what they want to say, but always insinuate and use language that, if cornered, can give them an out. I only wish that the outcome I'm sure will take place in the book will be the outcome for Mr. Grayson and the bottom feeders like him. Any person that thinks it's governments place to say what a private business pays its employees is a man that has no place overseeing anyone at anytime, especially in the halls of congress. Work with me please to make sure Congressman Grayson's first term is his last term in office.

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