Friday, October 9, 2009

Pres. Obama Sides with Killers of Women and US Military

White House officials said this week that Pres. Obama is looking at a strategy in Afghanistan that would allow the Taliban to gain some control of areas of the country, since they said that they are not a threat to anyone in the west. Well, I feel better already, they're not a threat to us here in the west, so there you go, no problem.

But the fact is they are a threat to us and all nations that have an ounce of decent humanity left. These are, first of all, the folks that allowed Al Queada to train and plot the 9/11 massacre that left a pile of ruble where the WTC stood. And it killed almost 3000 innocent people, people from all over the world. This was not just a strike at the US, but a strike at civilization itself. I'm sorry, but I still believe in what former Pres. G. W. Bush said when he stated, "you're either with us or you're with the terrorists". It's that simple in my eyes, either the Taliban supports Al Queada and the killing of western civilization, or you're with us, and the promotion of the rule of law, law derived and approved by the people.

The Taliban has killed US troops and allied troops as well. They kill and maim their own people, in the most public and brutal ways. I won't post anymore examples, but if you want to see their form of justice, all you need to do is "YouTube" the Taliban and you will find hours of horror, the killing, beating and maiming of people accused of anything from having an unapproved relationship, to attending school. Video of kids walking to school, only to be blown up, shredded to bits, by a Taliban car bomb. Now they are in Pakistan and are laying down the law in the high mountains, forgoing anything that looks like constitutional, governmental law, having Sharia law tribunals and handing down punishments that are barbaric.

But Obama sees a role for the Taliban in Afghanistan. Really! What? I guess he thinks that they could gain some control of the country, and all the folks that helped us, the GREAT SATAN, will just be forgiven, and let off with a little warning. Really! The police, town officials and just regular citizens that wanted their little girls to go to school, they will be dragged out of their homes and beaten or worse, shot dead in a public display of Sharia justice. And who on God's green earth will trust us then, who will say, "lets count on the US, they'll protect us"? Who?

I thought that when people are being trampled on, when they try to rise up and take back the God given rights that others have taken from them, that we stood by their side and fought with them or even for them. But now, with this twit in office, it looks like we'll just stand by, and watch as they, the Taliban, dole out their justice and take back, little by little, the gains we've made by the blood, sweat and tears of our service men and women. If you think the troops are demoralized now, just wait until they are told they can't shoot at the Taliban.
Update 10/10/09: Pres. Obama vows to end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" to thunderous applause. Does it make you pause that in this year of record deficit spending, the one area of government that saw less funding was Defence. Tack this on top of siding with our enemies, and I see a mass reduction in the retention of our best and brightest in the military.


BAHL said...

Well said Brother. Kill the terroists!

It is that simple. Appeasement is not acceptable.

Cap'm said...

See the update this post.