Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Israel Should Keep Fighting and Why We Need to Support Them

This is not in Israel, but in Afghanistan, and it shows the mentality and barbarism of the Islamist foes. In this video, a Taliban car bomber kills 14 children just going to school. Kids like yours and mine, walking to school on a beautiful day, then evil drives by. These kids are Muslim as well, so when we here that it's because of the US's support of Israel or that the Palestinian territories are being occupied, and that's why they do what they do, know this; these kids aren't Jewish, aren't Americans, aren't going to Temple or Church, they aren't on their way to an anti-Taliban rally, they are on their way to school. When in comes to the evil brought on by any terrorist in the name of Islam, they just don't give a rip who they kill. So the only way to deal with them, is to kill them, and I mean kill them all.

And the first place this attitude needs to take hold it in the Muslim community. These crazies have hijacked their religion, creating a hatred and fear around the world of anyone practicing or even looking like they are practicing Islam. They need to take back the reputation and the heritage of their religion and culture or it will end. It will end because something will happen, and that will trigger something truly awful, something I fear will be the end to much of the world as we know it. A US city nuked, a European city's population biologically destroyed could spell the end of what we know as the Islamic culture and more than half of the Muslim population. Please know that this is nothing that I want to happen, it is what I fear will happen if the people of Islam do not take on the evil in their own home.

We, the west, will not be able to stop Islamic radicals from doing what they do, we can kill 100's, 1,000's even hundreds of thousands of terrorists and we will not stop it. It will only stop when the Muslims in this world take back their name, and eliminate the evil from within. I fear that this point has possibly past by, but I hope that there is still time. As of right now, Egypt, our undercover alie in the war, is firing on Palestinians trying to flee Gaza. The Egyptian F/M stated that Hamas has declared war on them as well. This could be a start, showing Hamas that it has no where to hide.

The people of Islam must see that their survival is in stopping the attacks on the west and on their own people, and taking back what is supposed to be a religion of peace. As a Christian, if I see evil in my house I will stand up and oppose it. Jews are the same, within Israel, free people raise their voices and oppose what Israel sometimes does. No one should die because of what they say, even when it's evil or reprehensible.

The repair of the Muslim house will be costly, in lives and in treasure. And this must be supported by the west, as it has done in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Supporting Muslim countries and people that want to live in peace with the rest of the world should be the goal of the next 50 years by the US and the rest of the west. Condemning Israel for striking Hamas at the heart will not help this cause. Europe will pay for their support of Israel's foes. When they keep appeasing the radicals just to have peace, they will soon fine that they will have none. I fear the event that will cause what I have written about here will come within the next 4 years. It will be so horrific that reprisals will start against the Muslim communities and that will just escalate to what will be the end. And we, the US, will be dragged in, again, to western Europe to fight for the freedom of the world. I can only hope that this will not take place, and I pray that it will not.

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