Monday, December 29, 2008

Hide the Kitchen Knives from Capm, Here's some more good news

A swarm of earthquakes in Yellowstone. Why should I be the least bit alarmed by this? Only for this reason, Yellowstone is the biggest Volcano in the 'effing world, that's all! If it blows, from Yellowstone to the Mississippi will be under 3 to 30 feet of volcanic ash, crushing the US economy, and the worlds, then plunging us into a 2 to 20 year deep freeze. And it all starts with a cluster of earthquakes in the park.

Look at it this way; look at your computer on your desk, and picture that as all the ash belched out by Mt. Pinatubo in the Philippines back in 1991. That good sized eruption dropped world wide temps 1 to 2 degrees for 2 years. Now you say, SO!?, not so bad. If you're like me, you have your computer on a desk, and if not, imagine the average sized desk, 3o" tall by 60" long by 30" deep. Look at the desk, look at the computer, the desk is a Yellowstone eruption. Oh, by the way, my computer is a lap-top.

See this article for more info on how big and how devastating this could be. Don't go screaming form your house just yet, but let this keep nibbling at the back of you mind for a while, and you'll start looking like the capm's pic next to this entry. Happy New Year.

update: And it continues, more today 12/31/08 from 37 on the map above to 227 on this map....Honey, have you seen the garden hose around, I think I'll go in the garage and sit in car a while....

Final Update: 01/09/2009 Okay, all to do about nothing, at least that's what the US government states. This happens, the 900 quakes, about every 20 years or so. So, NO WORRIES! I feel so much better now, I mean they must use computer modes to predict such things...right? So what what in the world could be the matter with that.....I'm sure all the "Scientists" are all in agreement and there is no need to talk about it any more......Honey, have you seen that old straight razor we use to have, I'd like to see just how sharp that blade is......

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