Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ahhh...the Warm, Steamy South. Global Warming Heads to Dixie

Don't you just love coming down to the warm south for the winter, I mean with all this Global Warming, it's just going to get hotter, right? These pics from N.O. are priceless, catching snow flakes on your touge, on Canal Street! Just click on this link to see more of the wintery wonderland that is the "Big Icy" instead of the Big Easy.

This just brings home what I and so many others have been saying, what a flaming bag of dog squeeze is the nonsense of global warming. And now in Poland, the UN says that they have concrete proof of "Global Climate Change". Well no Sh*t Sherlocks, it changes all the time, and now we're cooling off a bit.

Go (here) and read about the 650 plus real scientists that have come out of the IPCC closet, risking their futures, to denounce what the UN has been touting. 52 "scientists" were responsible for the original IPCC report, gleaning what they wanted from the 2,500 scientists Mr. Gore says are all that there must be, because there is no more discussion needed, or wanted, on the subject. So now we have 650 Scientists, real PhDs in physics, geology, meteorology and other pertinent fields, saying this is a hoax, and CO2, even increases of 3 times as much as we're putting out now, will do nothing to increase global temps. They say, look up and then look down and you'll find the real reasons for any temp changes, the sun and the oceans.

So now that gas is nearing decade low prices, jump in that SUV, start up that snow machine, climb aboard that 747 and burn baby burn some carbon, we need to warm this place back up.

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