Friday, October 2, 2009


Not exactly what they were expecting, but why not. Isn't this the man that has been traveling the world over the last 9 months, and before, trashing this country. Why the hell would the IOC want to come here of all places for the summer games of 2016.

This also shows how big Pres. Obama's ego really is. He thought that he could go over to Copenhagen and flash that big smile, show off Michelle's toned arms and have "O" Oprah....well do what ever she could do, and the the IOC would fold at their feet. And what happened, they we're the first ones show the door. Air Force 1 was just taking off when the announcement was made, the president getting a heads-up I'm sure.

Doesn't it make you feel all warm and safe inside knowing that this is the man that will be negotiating with Iran and Russia and China over Iranian nukes....I feel warm all right, but I think it's my blood pressure on the rise. He broke the first rule of presidential negotiations, you don't go unless you have a deal already. Coming home with your tail between your legs doesn't convey strength, and getting spanked by Spain and Brazil, two "power-houses" of international muscle, that looks even worse.

And not only did the IOC say no, they said "Hell No" by eliminating Chicago in the first round, saying that they had the least amount of votes. Tokyo's representatives at least put a good spin on it, after they were illuminated, by asking that they keep the games "Green". This after Michelle flew over to Europe on the presidential 727, and Barack follows a day or two later on the 747 AF 1. And add in the other Secret Service aircraft, transports for cars and other gas guzzler vehicles and that adds up to a nice size carbon footprint there wouldn't you say.

At least we know that he will spend time on things he thinks are important. He gave the general overseeing Afghanistan a whole 25 minutes to go over strategy and troop levels. I mean, like Michelle said, going over there was a "sacrifice" to say the least.

UPDATE 2:09 PM 10.02.09: Rio De Janeiro has won the 2016 Summer Olympics.

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