Saturday, September 5, 2009

Do They Have a Mirror?

Can they see themselves? They, the Obama administration and the Congressional Democrats, are being accused of taking this country down the road to a communal state, socialism or fascism. And yet, they are doing things that can only be interpreted as doing just that and promoting this type of government system around the world.

The first example is the hideous way this administration has reacted to the small, but democratic republic of Honduras and their ousting of their corrupt, drug running president with eyes on a Chaves style dictatorship. As I have stated in my previous post, "We are All Hondurans Now" , the Honduran government has followed their constitution and the removal of Pres. Manuel Zelaya. And it was approved by their supreme court and the attorney general of Honduras. The Vise. President, Zelaya's VP from the same party, is now acting president and has vowed to step down after he served out the rest of Zelaya's term. He will run I'm sure, but this was not a "military Coup".

But what is the reaction of the Obama administration? They cut off most diplomatic ties, and turned away, or kicked out diplomats from the US. Foreign aid has been cut off, and they have told the world that Honduras must reinstate Zelaya. So they agree with Chaves, Castro, Noriega, and the UN. Way to support Democracy Barry, I guess birds of a feather screech to together.

Another point is the defence and admiration of Obama's Green Advisor, Van Jones. This man has done nothing but expound the ugly, statist views that are what we feared from the "One". He slams all that is good about our great country. All he sees is the worst, and has shown himself as a racist and a self avowed communist. But yet, the WH just brushes off his connections with radicals of all kinds. Thank you Glenn Beck for exposing this dirt bag for the hater he is. I've never seen a person express these views with such arrogance and hostility toward his fellow citizens.

He is a "Truther" who believes, or did believe, that President Bush 43, was an active participant in bring 9/11 to come about. And they call "Birthers" nut jobs, this man thinks that our government, yes I don't trust them but come on, orchestrated the 9/11 hijacking and the bringing down of the WTC and bombing the Pentagon. There is no comparison when it comes to the nuttiness of this to the birthers, this goes beyond just lack of trust, it is an out and out vial hatred of our government, and our way of life. I can't comprehend the mind that can think that we, the government, would kill 3,000 of our own. And this administration knew of his past, and brought him on anyway, and then they ask why we don't trust this president's judgement!

And now, to top off a great summer season of praising our enemies and jumping on our friends, the WH and State Dept. are going to "celebrate" the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic of China. Ah, the Chi-coms, what a country. They will celebrate a country were over 70,000,000 of it's citizens were murdered by their "great leader". They killed far more people than Hitler or Stalin, yet we go about trading with them and selling them our debt. And when you owe someone money, they have a lot of control over you. NOT a good thing, when you see how they treat their own citizens; just think how they'd treat debtors or a foe. And now we have Dems coming out and praising them.

Do the people that surround Obama see what we're all seeing out here, outside the beltway? We see this WH slamming old friends like Honduras, (and Israel), and siding with socialist dictators. We see them defend a man that spews hate and thinks Bush caused 9/11 so he could go fight an unjust war, for oil (have you seen oil prices since we started killing terrorists?). And now, the Great People's Republic of China is praised for their 60th B-day, and the WH will raise their flag on WH grounds. That should look good back home in Beijing on the People's news.

All they need to do now is knuckle under to Russia and not go forward with the missile defence shield in eastern Europe and ......what......that's not going to happen either...... wow, didn't see that coming.

UPDATE: Van Jones, the Green Czar has resigned, Can I get an Amen! Way to go GP and Glenn Beck. I hope this makes a trend.

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