Friday, June 20, 2008

Here's the oil news that makes me go NUTS!

An article from interviewing 2 Senators about our greatest, and the world's largest oil reserve, the US western oil shale fields. Over 1.5 TRILLION, yes, with a "T", barrels of oil in the ground in Colorado and her neighbour states. We have 5 times the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia but our government, again gets in the way.

This article talks about the politics of oil shale, and the new and improved methods of retrieving it without harming the surrounding environment and the cost of recovery compared to ethanol via the all mighty corn.

So get out the duct tape, rap your head really tight and read this, and then reply to me and let me know how much of your head you recovered after it blew apart from the absolute insanity of it all.

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