Thursday, May 15, 2008

5000 Then, 25,000 Now, Sounds Threatended to Me!

Now I think I've seen everything! First we have the spotted owl, and it needed protection, there were very few of them. So we stopped the cutting of old growth forests, I can live with that. We had whales being killed by the thousands and we stopped whaling, why because they were very few of them as well. Here in FLA we protected the gator, why, because there were very few of them, and now we're over run with them. Now we need to protect the Polar Bear? Well first I thought we had done that, we stopped the hunting of these beautiful, yet deadly creatures back in the early 70's, and what happened? The population went from 5000 to 25,000 in 35 years! That sounds like a great result. So we stopped doing something that directly affected the bear, hunting, and they came back with a vengeance.

But now the government has further protected them from the "possibility" of loss of habitat because of a theory that has new holes being punched in it every day. Global warming is the biggest hoax ever to be perpetrated on the US and the world in history. Even the governments real scientists don't agree with this ruling about putting the polar bear on the "threatened" list of animals out there. NASA, not a bastion of conservative thinking, does not believe that the shrinking of the the Arctic Ice sheet is do to GW. (that's Global Warming, not George "Dubya") Please read this article from AEI //

All the other creatures that we have protected have all been declining in number or had their habitat being gobbled up by urban encroachment. But neither of this things are happening to the bears. Their numbers are strong, most populations staying pat or growing in number over the last 35 year, and this winter the ice was more plentiful than in the past, showing a trend of improving conditions, not worsening. With all that is wrong with this ruling about the polar bear the most sad and pitiful thing about it is that conservative republicans showed no back bone, no guts and mad no stink about it. I heard a little from radio but nothing from Washington about absurd this is and the negative impact this will have with regards to digging our way out of our energy crisis we've put our selves into. All the other countries that share polar bear habitat also drill for oil, responsibly and again, the bears have been thriving. Chalk another win on the board for the environmentalist, the ones that promote this idea that man is the scourge of the earth and that the world would be so much better if we were just not here. I'm going to want to see the looks on their faces when, in 50 years, were trying to make room for all the native peoples of the Arctic down in Washington state and Montana because the ice sheet and glaciers have covered what was once their homes. There's just as much chance of that happening than there is of the arctic ice melting away. In the mean time, they should go find a polar bear and ask for its thanks for saving its life, reach out and pet it and give it a little tofu burger. Hopefully the bear will do what bears do, and that's not sh_t in the woods.

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