Monday, February 22, 2010

Bill Bennett Takes Glenn Beck to the Woodshed, Why?

See the entire speech at the YouTube channel, "therightscoop"

Above, Glenn Beck gives the key note speech at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and brings down the house! He railed against the enemies within, the Progressives, in both parties and some folks think he went too far.

One of those that thinks Glenn pushed too far was former Sec. of Education and Drug Tsar, Dr. Bill Bennett. I respect Dr. Bill and think he is one of the leaders when it comes to teaching and informing the American people about the conservative cause. But he went off this morning saying that Glenn just doesn't see the good that the Republicans that are in office are doing.

Glenn said that we shouldn't settle for someone telling us that, hey, I will stop the guy from sticking that screw-driver in your eye, and I'll just stick in a pin. WE DON'T WANT ANYTHING IN OUR EYE! He was making the point that just because the Republicans are standing up to the Obama agenda, which is as easy as saying "I hate the satan", it doesn't mean that they would be all that better at governing if they don't purge the "Progressive" influence out of their party.

It's true that John McCain has been one of the leaders in helping stop this take over by Obama and his radical cabal, but would things have been that different if McCain would have been elected? The darling of the media, until he ran against the messiah of the media, Obama, was one for believing in Global Warming, and therefore pursuing Cap-n-Trade. He was also Mr. Bi-Partisan, and would have more than likely negotiated on any health care bill brought up by the Dems. in the congress. The only thing that he had going for him was his fiscal discipline, and that may have slowed things down.

But the man was not someone I wanted to intrust the protection of the US Constitution, remember McCain/Finegold. What Glenn was talking about in his CPAC speech was how the Progressives, like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, where trying to get around the Constitution because they saw it as an old document, not worthy of adhering to. And Teddy, the leader of the Bull-Moose party, the progressive party of the day, was John McCain's hero.

I respect John McCain and his long service to this country, a true hero who still bares the scares of his sacrifice to this nation. But I think that many Republicans don't even see what they are, progressive republicans that are hell bent in enlarging the government and making it an even bigger part of our lives.

True conservatives want to not just stop the growth, that's a given, but want to shrink government, and remove the burden of high taxes and over regulation off of the citizens and off of business. Only through less government will the shackles be shed so that we, the people, can do what we do best, produce, innovate and create wealth like no other country has done in the history of the world.

Bill wanted to point out that Glenn stated that he hasn't seen a "Coming to Jesus moment" in the Republican Party. Again, the GOP has been standing against the Obama agenda, but that's easy. But Glenn is a "pivot point" kind of guy, he not only wants to hear that Republicans are becoming more conservative, he wants to know why, why did they change, and when.

Throwing out red meat to their voter base is easy when you have so much radical cattle to harvest it from. But I want to see, as Glenn does, the look in a GOP candidates eyes of true repentance, and if we see that we will forgive. We may not forget, but we will forgive. We want to know the exact moment that they realized that they were walking down the dark side, and what made them jump into the light. That is what Glenn is looking for, not just words, but to know that they recognise they had a problem and what made them change. Hence is referring to his own addiction to alcohol.

Bill made his point that it is the GOP that is standing up to all that is wrong with the Obama agenda today and that there is a difference between the parties. But even Bill can look back and see that the GOP hasn't been the conservative party that we thought they needed to be. Under Reagan and both Bushs, we grew government. Less under Reagan, but under "W" we grew with astounding speed. One has to look at the past, not just the last year, to see how the future will be, and with that track record, you can see why we are very weary of any politician saying, "look, I've me!"

I hope the GOP candidates will look us in the eyes, and tell their real story of how they've changed, because without that, we will keep looking, and looking and looking, until we find the true conservatives we need.

Dr. Bill goes by the philosophy of "elect the most conservative candidate you can", stated by the conservative icon, William F. Buckley. And I agree, but lets make sure we find the very best we can, and not settle for the small, very tiny pin in the eye, again.

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BAHL said...

They are really going after Glenn, and like you, I also like and repsect Mr. Bennett. But Glenn is right on this one. It was the people, not the Republican Party, that began to stand up against Obama and his effort to funadmetally transform our great nation.

I look forward to joining you at the American Revival Tour in March.
Aw ya!