Friday, March 27, 2009

Do They Hear Us Screaming?

Now that I've had time to reflect on the Orlando Tea Party, held on March 21, 2009, I am even more convinced that we, the conservatives of this nation, need to make our voices heard NOW! All it takes is a quick glance at the headlines to see that we are approaching a tipping point where we'll fall over this cliff we've been shoved to the edge of by this and the last administration. I always mention the Bush administration in my condemnation of our progress towards bigger and more controlling government, because it was the Republican part that controlled the congress for 6 of the 8 years Bush was in office. Pres. Bush only used his veto pen once during those 6 years, banning federal funding of new lines of stem cell research. I approved of that, but he must have lost it after that, because it was never seen again until the Democrats took over in 2006. I have a feeling of why he didn't use it; keeping the congress and senate happy so he could conduct the war on terror around the world without to much intervention from the legislative branch. But that did promote the unbridled spending that started us down our current road. Once the bailouts of Fannie and Freddie happend, we started up the roller coaster hill, and we could see the top coming up on us fast.

Now that Pres. Obama has taken his place at the teleprompter, we have rolled over that first precipice and are now screaming down the first hill of what could be one ugly ride. Let's take a look at the hills and drops we'll be facing, get out the barf-bags, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
Okay, everybody put their hands up for this drop....or maybe we'll be putting them up because only the crooks will have the guns. Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton is telling us now, that the drug kingpins in Mexico have assault weapons because of us. I would have agree to a point, I know, it makes me even a little more woozy having to admit that, but if it wasn't for our lax enforcement of our drug and immigration laws, the drug producers and pushers in Mexico wouldn't have the money to buy these weapons. But what is her solution, and the USAG Eric Holder's solution.....reinstate the assault weapons ban again. Wow, that should do it, because if we don't have the guns to sell to them in the US, then there's no other place that these low-life snakes can get them, no place at all. It's not like they could get them from say, China, Pakistan, South America, the mid east, Russia, Somalia, OR ANY OTHER 3RD World hell hole on earth. But if we don't have them, that will make things all better. Oh, by the way, buy all the ammo you can, now!

Okay, here we go up the next hill, ready, now everyone SCREEEEEEEMMMM at the top of your lungs.... and watch as Timothy (tax cheat) Geithner goes for the BIG power move, and asks the Congress for new, unprecedented powers to seize and nationalize companies, private companies, that are seen as a possible threat to our economy. Now of course he would come and seek the input of congress on any of these takeovers, right? NOT! It would be up to Timmy, Obama and Bernake. Just 3 folks, making the decisions on winners and losers. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann asked Timmy where in the Constitution is it written that he can even be given such power. He answered that he can ask the congress for it, and she asked where in the Constitution does it say that Congress can give him such power. Timmy, NO WHERE! The sack on this guy and the administration to even have the thought of doing something like this, it's White-Knuckle-Grip time on the roller coaster seat we're on.

Then Timmy was asked if he thought a global currency was all right with him. Now of course he would say, being in charge of the US Treasury, that there's no way we'd even consider such a thing.......right? Nope! He goes and says, without blinking an eye, that he'd consider it. "Mr Geithner told the Council for Foreign Relations that he had not studied the proposal by Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan for greater use of Special Drawing Rights in international reserves, but said "we are quite open to that". WHAT!? The dollar dropped hard right after he said this. It came back after he backtracked, but what in God's name is he thinking? It's hard to comprehend what the world would be like, what the US would be like if we went to a world currency. It would be the end of America as we have know it......Oh, wait, that sounds like........everybody......CHANGE!!!

Well, our ride continues and how we stop it is up to us. How we do it is still unknown to me, but I'll be damned if I'm going to sit around and be quiet. That's why the Tea Parties, talk radio, The 9/12 Project and calling and writing your representatives is so important. Make noise, make them listen, WE SURROUND THEM! Let them know it!

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