Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Responce to a letter to Obama from the Arab World

The letter, written by Mr. Al Asr was published in the Arab News, and can be read here.

Here is my response:

Al-Asr, your letter is compelling; I pray that peace comes to the Middle East and to all the people who make it their home. I have seen the hospitality you mention of the Arab culture, the welcoming of guests to the homes of Arab people, and how insulted and embarrassed the good people of Iraq were when shoes were thrown at Pres. Bush.

But I must say that with all the Arab culture has given the world; the Islamic religion has taken away. With out doubt, the western world has taken a toll on peoples all around the world with the colonialism of the past, two world wars that killed millions. But now, it seems the west is welcoming, so much so that it is to "their" detriment. The political correctness and efforts not to offend Muslims, has left us open to the radicals of the religion that the vast majority of the Arab people subscribe.

I must ask, if the circumstances were reversed, and Israel was sending 2 to 30 rockets in to the west bank or Gaza every day for the last 2 to 3 years, the Arab world would have been outraged, demanding that the UN stop the assault at once. Even if, as has been reported, the death toll was only one Palestinian, the fact that an exploding rocket could land in a child’s room, in a place of worship or a school and possibly kill innocents, the people of Gaza would be more than justified to take action. But yet, the Israeli people, in taking such action, are denounced as Genocidal. If that is so, why do they not just keep it up, and on the west bank as well. It's because they want to stop the rockets, not lives.

The people of Gaza had a chance to show the world that they could create a peaceful, respectful Palestine. They could have turned Gaza in to another Hong Kong, using free trade to become a port of wealth and commerce. But what do they do with the power the people gave them; they took that trust and shot it off into the Israeli skies, and let that bring upon themselves the wrath of the people for which the tried to kill.

The Arab people need to take back their culture form the radical Islamist, being very visible and deliberate so as to make the world see that they would like to live in peace with everyone, including Israel and the west. If Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria would take leading roles in stopping the violence against innocent people, then the world would support the two state compromise full tilt. This would mean letting the Palestinian people come back to some of the lands that were taken by Jordan and Egypt, keeping Iran out of the mix and allowing peoples of different faiths to live and let live. By showing this civility to others and nipping in the bud the violent activists of the Muslim religion, peace may be achieved. If the hate and intolerance persist, I can only pray that radicals of Islam do not do to all Arabs and Muslims world wide what they have done to the people of Gaza. I pray for you and for all of your people that they may see that hate only begets hate, and that one day my grandchildren may visit yours and see all the sites of the holy land, Christian, Muslim and Jewish alike. God Bless you.

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