Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yes, but what about the Surge????

Who would of thunk it, Katie Couric being the strong voice in her one-on-one interview with Barack Obama. In this excerpt from CBS News' web site she actually asks some follow up questions about Obama's thoughts on the US surge in Iraq. His answers are evasive and juvenile in substance. What he spits out shows his utter lack of competency in this very important, in my opinion the most important facet of the executive, Commander and Chief. Watch and listen to her ask at least four times about how the surge was responsible for the things he sites as to the true reasons for the fantastic progress we've seen over the last year.

Unfortunately you will not see this on the evening news, CBS buried this in their web site hoping no one would see it. How much of the other interviews have we not seen, how afraid are the big three news corps. of offending him and risking their chance to help in his run to the White House. I know I don't have to point out how deep the media is in the tank for Obama, but this illustrates it quite well. I truly think that the big three would gain some respect from the citizens of this country if they did take him on like Katie did, and then air it so every one can see what an empty shirt this man is. Give this man a mic and a well written speech and holly cow, he will tear it up. But put him in a room one on one with some one that might have a challenging question and he is a fool on steroids. God help us if he is elected, he is the weakest candidate for president I have ever seen.

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